Wanikani suggestion/request/PLEAD/for the love of the lord PLEASE

I apologize if someone has posted this before, but from what I’ve found its relatively new.

Please, please, PLEASE, for the love of all that is good please make a button or something that undoes an answer you got wrong. I am a messy typer, and try as I might to always check before I hit go I constantly mistype, which not only is annoying and infuriating, but it also unnecessarily holds my studies back. This doesn’t happen on meanings because wanikani can recognize an english misstep, however is it not so forgiving for readings. If there is any way a button can be made for this I will forever be grateful of the crabgator. I’m on my knees here, man.

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Welcome to the site!

Well… actually it’s one of the two things mentioned in the pinned post on the Feedback forum that they mention not to make threads about…

But there are various script options that people use. Most mobile apps also incorporate an undo button as well. I’m not sure what’s the most up-to-date, but I’m sure someone can recommend things.


Have fun, use it wisely :slight_smile:

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The two main ones are Flaming Durtles for Android and Tsurukame for IOS.

Both include an undo option.

Ah, I use the android app but have never seen an undo button. I’m just blind lol, where is it do you know?

Thank you very much! Are scripts supported on mobile?

Ah, I didn’t see that post, sorry. Still trying to figure out the Community site, thank you!

You are using Flaming Durtles? If this is the case I believe you have to enable it in the settings, otherwise it won’t show up. The setting is buried deeply so you will have to search.

Not on apps such as Flaming Durtles but many of the most useful scripts are built into this app.


It’s disabled by default. You can enable it under Settings -> Advanced -> Other. Look for the special buttons, you can assign various functions to them.


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