Wanikani suggestion on Kanjis and their vocabulary examples

It’s been a while since I last used wanikani so I decided on starting back to level 1,
I’ve noticed on Kanji lessons that the reading really don’t help me via mnemonics but by looking at vocabulary examples, the problem is wanikani doesn’t give me the vocab examples that shows the on’yomi reading that I’m looking for to easily memorize/understand the reading. This results me in using jisho to look at vocabulary examples that read the on’yomi reading.
My suggestion is to include at least 1 example that shows the on’yomi reading for the kanji
当 has an on’yomi reading of とう, it would definitely help if the vocabulary examples show examples that gives the とう reading like 本当.
If there is any way for me to see more vocabulary examples with that uses the on’yomi reading on some kanjis, it would definitely help me progress easier.

Hi, welcome back!

This is only a roundabout solution to your problem, and not an efficient one, but you can look at all WaniKani vocab associated with a certain kanji in the kanji section. See a screenshot below. I always open a second WaniKani page when doing lessons or reviews, just to be able to search the relevant kanji or related kanji if necessary.

This is not a solution for all kanji in WaniKani, but at least gives more resources than just the three examples in the lessons.

Good luck!