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Hello everyone!I have specific questions about wanikani in paticular,can you help me?
Fitst,I want to know what to do with some on-yomi reading.Sometimes,second on-yomi has no mnemonics in readings section.Why is that?Perhaps authors were to lasy to write that down?Or maybe is this reading very rare?I am speaking about something like 工,which has こう reading and just く,but wanikani doesn’t provide mnemonics for the second,only for the first.Should I bother about them or let it be?Make my own mnemonics in notes?
Second,I want to find out about future kanjis to decide wheter should I buy wanikani or not:will there be complex kanji with kun-yomi reading,like college,school,friend and ect.?Or will wanikani provide only simple on-yomi kanjis?
Thanks in advance.

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The creators’ objective for the kanji lessons is generally to teach one reading. Other readings can then be taught later in the vocabulary lessons. Many other readings are taught through vocab.

With regard to the く reading for 工, WK only recently added its first vocabulary item that uses it. 飴細工.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this part. All of those words can be expressed with words that only use the onyomi, not the kunyomi (大学, 学校, and 友人 all use onyomi). Though some synonyms that use kunyomi exist as well (友だち for friend).

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Ok,thanks,I got little confused about hte difference of kun-yomi and on-yomi.So,the readings that are not listed in readings section will be learned later?

Yes, the 飴細工 vocab item gives a reading mnemonic for the く reading of 工


I think the overall answer here is:

No, don’t try and learn all the information on the lesson page.

There are occasions where WaniKani uses the other reading later on but it will tell you about it and offer a new mnemonic at that point.

Even if you become surprised in a subsequent lesson, you can just click on the kanji tile on that page to get back to the original kanji page.


You can check for yourself what WaniKani will cover ahead of time . If you click on “Levels” at the top of the main page, you can then click on any level to see what content you’ll be learning.


Oh, right. They added that. :open_mouth:

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Not english speaker myself,sorry :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone for help!

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