WaniKani Study Buddy Race - 2023, All Aboard!

Congrats on hitting your pre-reset level! I still have another 30 to go for that - just hit 22. It’s gonna be a while…

I’m sure both you and your family will be happy when you’re done :slight_smile: You can do it!


At day 329, I reached Lvl53… Only 7 more to go.
Still running at max speed but just at my limit (now doing 350-400 reviews every day)

And I don’t intent to slow down at this point so… From now on, I’ll abuse a little bit from the new “lesson picker” choosing only kanji lessons for a couple of weeks while my review pile becomes more manageable :hot_face:

Anyway… Keep running with all your heart :fist:t2:
(心臓をささげよう! … anyone? :rofl:)