WaniKani Study Buddy Race - 2023, All Aboard!

Next batch! Still a bit wonky but already way better I think. As you can see my english writing really isn’t any cleaner so that’s basically the best I can do right now.

Even when I hold my graphic tablet pen like a brush I get way more beautiful and artistically pleasing symbols but that is unfortunately not really my main goal. I’d like to be able to just write a note with pen and paper that doesn’t look like a toddler worte it :sweat_smile: So, actually … maybe I should just write on paper again with a normal ballpoint pen instead of whatever I’m doing above; although that’s also fun. Hm :thinking:

Earlier in the thread I mentioned scheduling and pacing myself … Welp, I’m still in speedrun territory :sweat_smile: However, with having the lessons spaced out over a few days I naturally don’t have these gigantic review waves consisting of all new items. That’s nice. Also my workload isn’t yet at maximum, because I still don’t have any burn reviews, which will change in a few days though and my solution for then is:

Why, scripts of course! :smile: Specifically, I’ve set up Lesson Lock with an Expected Daily Reviews Score limit of 200 and I’ll just have to see how that goes.