Wanikani statistics glitch


I just levelled up and wanted to see my graph but got this…apparently I’ve been on level 56 since before even I (as an oldie here) was born. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, has anyone else got this or know to whom I can inform the error? It’s silly but I was determined to finish WK with a relatively consistent graph across all levels. :slightly_frowning_face: Obviously level 55 isn’t accurate and I don’t think level 54 was right either.


Try force refreshing it, that usually fixes issues like this


Already tried as well as logging out and re-inputing my API key.


In that case…


I’ve actually seen someone with this problem before, but I don’t remember what the cause was/how it was fixed


You might be able to find the answer on the stats website thread if anyone else has had the same problem:

But otherwise hopefully rfindley will be able to help you.


If it helps at all, January 1, 1970 is an epoch date, so something is returning a 0


Have you done any of the lessons from the new level yet? From what I remember when this happened before, it worked itself out once the person did their first batch of current-level lessons.


I don’t think that’s the problem in this case. When you don’t start the next level’s lessons, it just adds the current level time onto the previous level, which would mean that he would have had to have been on the previous level for 48 years.


It’s a problem with the level-up guestimation algorithm – or, more accurately, a lack of available data.
If you open the Javascript console (press F12 and click on the Console tab), you’ll see the list of criteria that it used to estimate each level-up, because Wanikani’s API version 1 doesn’t explicitly provide that info.

  • In most cases, it’s able to use your Radical unlock dates, and that’s the most accurate.
  • When a level doesn’t have radicals, it has to drop back to using the Kanji unlock dates. But you haven’t done any kanji lessons on your current level, so it can’t use that either.
  • When it can’t use the current-level kanji, it tries to guess based on your previous level’s vocabulary unlock dates. But you’ve only done two vocab lessons from your previous level, so that fails, too.
  • Finally, it just returns zero as your level-up time, which is Jan 1, 1970.

Anyway, it will be retroactively fixed once you start doing kanji lessons on your current level.

In my spare time, I’m updating wkstats.com to use APIv2, which does provide the level-up date explicitly. When that’s done, this kind of problem will mostly go away (except for old level-ups from before Wanikani started tracking level-up dates).


It’s fixed - thank you @rfindley for the explanation!


It fixed itself? My graph says my last lvl was 0 days, 0 hours and my current lvl time is taken from my last lvl. I have done all the kanji lessons of my current lvl + log out + force refresh etc. Sorry I’m a stat addict, it will probably fix itself soon.


You can use the new in-development version of the stats site at https://www.wkstats.com:10001/
It doesn’t have the zero-time problem that stems from Wanikani’s API version 1.


Thank you so much! Sorry, didn’t know about this!