Wanikani screenshots 📸

Yeah, I wish there was a way for WK to recognize that you accidentally typed the reading instead of the meaning, like it can tell when you wrote the kunyomi instead of the onyomi for kanji. If you already know the word, maybe add “ni” as a synonym?

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That’s actually a good idea. I’m trying to avoid using synonym’s because I feel like I’m cheating a little but between this and like six times in a row writing ‘raptor pen’ for the radical ‘raptor cage’ maybe I ought to start using it.


If you’re on desktop you can use the override script for that. Or on mobile the Android app (newer one with the pink icon) has it built in. I’m not sure about the iOS app(s).

For radicals, I would definitely say use synonyms, since they’re made up names that usually have nothing to do with the kanji. Like raptor pen–if that’s how you remember it, do that! It’s not the actual Japanese character for “raptor cage”. (don’t ask me what that is.)

And yeah, you do wanna try to avoid abusing synonyms (lest you learn the wrong meaning of something), but ニ is such a basic word you might be okay.

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I definitely recommend the override script, it will help you not lose your mind.

The bad news is that WK doesn’t provide any way of getting this historical data, so you can only get a graph starting from today. (That’s why my graph starts at level 5 – that’s when I started collecting data.)

The good news is that it can keep itself up to date automagically, thanks to Google Sheets. Original post and instructions here: WaniKani API + Google Docs Awesomeness

If you like how mine looks you can copy it from here: WaniKani data (template)


I’ll steal your fancy charts 295787090669469698

Crabinator kindly accepting my German accent


I would recommend the double check script, actually, since that one also allows the user to mark things as wrong.

I thought that one was no longer supported? Something about a disconnection error? I’ve been using WaniKani Override, in any case. Basically the same thing except you’ll still have to answer it again as if you got it wrong (but you’ll still get to the next SRS level).

Edit: although I wish you could also mark things wrong.

I don’t think it’s maintained, but it works now after viet & co changed something.

Well, I guess I had better start using it again, lol. Hate to have to type everything twice cause I made a typo (or get something right I shouldn’t have!)

This is definitely the best way to start the day


Thank you bro, I started it. Do I need to keep the google doc open for it to update automatically?

Nope, as long as you followed the instructions to set up the automatic stuff then that happens regardless.

I stole your chart since I could never bother to make my own fancy. Thanks.

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hell, it’s about time to do some reviews.


Finally figured out why WK keeps throwing nearly 300 reviews at me every day:


KW screenshots anyone?


I’m in the process of moving to a different city and I’m falling way behind. I’ve leveled up but I still need to do like 80 vocab lessons from the previous level. It’s all I can do to keep on top of my reviews, I don’t even know what’s going on in the forums anymore.

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