Wanikani screenshots 📸

I was level 19 when I reset =)
Could have gone to around 11, that is where the trouble started. But decided to take it easy and go from start again instead =^-^=

First enlightened! (this time around =P )
And I do use some scripts. I put Fish Fins instead of Fins, and since the mnemonics actually use Fish Fins specifically a lot I marked it as correct. I only do so when the meaning is actually correct just used a different wording (or couldn’t spell it right, like Byrå… Bureau? I think I have finally gotten that one down =P ), and the spelling is a typo and I actually did remember it correctly. I have a bad habit of not pressing hard enough, getting “o” when I wanted “ko”, or hitting a letter next to what I wanted. In those cases I mark as correct. But if I mix nin and jin it is wrong and stays wrong.

Numbers per group upon first enlightened:

I want to see if they stay around the same as I go, or if the various groups grow larger. In theory they could stay about the same, as long as I keep the same pace and %, before moving to Enlightened/Burned.

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I see. What do you think caused you problems starting from lvl 11? Actual difficulty or was it something else? I think that with time I’m getting better in managing WK, but I don’t want to feel overconfident because of my naivety.

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I always did all lessons at once, getting big batches of 100+ reviews all the time. Then during Easter I only did the radical and Kanjis, leaving the vocab lessons for later. When I finally managed to sit down and do the over due vocab I had 600 lessons to do, and those never got passed guru, where I let them collect dust until they where forgotten.

Now I do only 10 vocab lessons per sitting, 3 times a day max. And if I do radicals or kanjis I don’t do vocab.
With this speed I get zero on lessons twice per level, and very few reviews per sitting. I also try do reviews as soon as they become available. So far it is working =)
If I ever feel overwhelmed I will do vocabs before radicals and kanji and thus get slower levels.

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Oh, I see. Reorder abuse :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I always make sure to spread the reviews throughout the week. I only use the reorder for the radicals and Kanji (if needed).

It took me some time to have more Master items than Guru ones, not sure if it was later than it should. This is how I am at lvl 12 (2 days+ to lvl up):

Apprentice been between 70 to 130 max (depending on how I do the vocab) and reviews have been between 150 and 200/day.

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The numbers seem very similar =)
What script are you using to see where in the group the items are?! =D ( 0/30/48/51 )
I want it! =D

Edit to avoid spamming: Thank you so much! <3

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This one ^^

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I swear I’m doing lessons every day XD (but only recently, hence the backlog)

I’m feeling super proud of myself right now. I know I’m still a really low level, but I’m so happy to have done as much as I have done, and I’m super excited to subscribe and keep going when I can afford it in a few weeks.

I have a long way ahead of me. But I feel like I’m off, at least, to a solid start.



Yep, any language is all about one step in front of the other. And all progress is to be celebrated because you could have made no progress at all.

Also is it just me or does a little progress go a LONG way. I feel like I learn so much useful vocabulary. I can now chat about the weather at only level five.


Yeah. I’ve been studying on and off for a decade, but this is the first time I’ve been serious for like 9 years. It feels good.



That’s so funny! Me too. Almost exactly. I started studying in like 2010, and then didn’t study for the next 7 years and now I am 本気(ほんき, serious) about it.

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Do you have Discord? I’m thespookyfish#6042

I also carry the same moniker on Tumblr and Twitter.

What is Discord?!

I only use tumblr to reblog pokemon fan art… LOLOLOLOLOL… unashamed!

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Discord is like… text and voice chat for gamers, or that’s how it started. It’s a pretty neat system with free text chat and voice chat servers. It started more voice oriented, but ended up being pretty full-featured as a messaging service.

I also have Telegram and LINE. lol

I just thought it would be cool to talk to you more, but I don’t wanna clutter up this thread with off-topic chat. @_@

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I don’t have discord but I sent you a tumblr message, and I’ll look into discord!

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Even Dust, When Piled up, Will Become a Mountain.

My favorite Japanese proverb. It was printed on my favorite workbook, Japanese from Zero (the old edition, the new edition doesn’t have it =( )
I’m a slow worker, but reminding myself of the proverb helps me continue! =D
Every little bit here and there will in the end become a big whole =)

I wanted to see if we could just say people for amount of people. We couldn’t, now I can :wink:
I know the “count” means how many/number of, people will suffice for a quicker answer (I often do on long answers. Boy name prefix = kun :wink: ). Since I knew the answer, just added short version to see if it had and if not add to list, so ignored answer.


I’m glad that I’ve hit a rhythm with WK where I have reviews in the time after I wake up but before I get ready for work. It feels like a habit now (in a good way).


Aw come on…(yeah, it’s not supposed to be an adjective I guess)

Next step is putting Enlightened bigger than Guru :stuck_out_tongue:


Some vocab I recognize based on the kanji and their meaning, while others I know purely from the reading.
This is one of the later. I was looking and thinking, number… group… turn… ordinal number… group?!!
Um, so what is the reading… BanGumi, PROGRAM! I just know the word, after watching Japanese TV programs with “this program is presented by” lines on every episode :wink:

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