WaniKani progress

There used to be a section on the FAQ that something along the lines of “At the end of level 10 you will know 90% of the N5 kanji.” I have been trying to find that again, but I don’t seem to see it anywhere

Try this: https://www.wkstats.com

It’s in the Guide.

Ahh, ok, thank you very much

The guide doesn’t talk about test levels, afaik. Just about general language capability.

By Level 10, you can read 57% of a Japanese text. By Level 25, you will be able read 87% of a Japanese text! By the end of WaniKani, you’ll be able to read just about any Japanese text

Well yeah, but I don’t think the FAQ ever had anything like that either

True enough ^^

The part that I was looking for was Using My WaniKani Knowledge

But I just went to your link, and that also a really good example of the kind of information I wanted, thank you

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