Those who completed WaniKani

I would like to read more reviews from those who finished WaniKani, all i could find is the famous review of the person who finished it within one year.


What do you mean by finishing?
Like burning all ?


I got to level 60 in about 2.5 years. I can read a bunch of kanji. Worked well for me. :+1:


not burning all, but like finishing level 60

can you read books with ease?

You need a lot of vocab beyond the stuff that WK teaches you in order to read comfortably.

WK uses its vocab to reinforce the kanji it teaches. The goal isn’t to be a vocab source, so you need to put a lot of work into other vocab sources.

WK made reading much easier. Knowing on’yomi means you can sometimes guess the meaning of jukugo words. If you can’t infer the meaning, looking up jukugo is usually sped up tremendously because you can take an educated guess at how the word is read.

But you unfortunately can’t expect to pick up a novel and read while knowing only 6.000 kanji-based words that aren’t necessarily selected on the basis of the frequency of use.

As a kanji resource, it worked brilliantly for me, and a huge swathe of the vocab is also very common and extremely useful. I think it’s great!


Even at just level 38, I can read quite a good amount of native content, and by “read” I mean that I’m able to “sound out” words that I haven’t seen before. That being said, I still need to look up new words often for their meaning and I expect that to be the case even after hitting level 60.


What happened to your level purple circle?

Ha, definitely not with ease. I use a dictionary a ton, and still read slowly and misunderstood some things.

What do you mean? It’s a purple level 60 circle.


If you’re interested in that sort of things, wkstats has a nice page where you can see what percentage of kanji you know for different sources of text.

For exemple, at level 29, I know almost 93 % of the kanji found on NHK Easy, or 85 % of the kanji found on Wikipedia.

Of course, kanji alone don’t mean you can read the content easily. I can’t read a Japanese Wikipedia page for the life of me, but you know, it’s still a nice pat on the back. :slight_smile:


Only nearing level 42 now, but no. I can’t read well at all. Reading Yotsuba is challenging

You’ve been circle-less for a good while now.

You’re title is purple level 60 circle though…


That’s just how the circle looks



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It’s also worth pointing out that WK teaches ZERO grammar, so without getting that elsewhere you’re not going to be able to read a ton, even at level 60 - like, random words, yes. Sentences, usually not.

(And there’s still kanji that you’ll see that you don’t know, even at level 60. They’ll just largely be uncommon ones/ones that are used heavily but only in particular contexts.)


Just to note, finishing WK doesn’t mean you’ll be able to read. It takes more than kanji knowledge to be able to read. Reading also involves a ton of grammar study that WK will never teach. While unwise, one can theoretically grind to level 60 and have a near complete lack of grammar foundation needed for reading. That’s also not including the necessary study of kana words which are a big part of the language.


I don’t get it, what’s interesting?

Level Badge area is empty. Usually it is gray, blue, people, gold or special.

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Don’t you see the level 60 purple circle?


You’re crazy. it looks like a purple circle with a 60 in the middle.