Wanikani Offline Study & Official iOS App

OK. I like using Wanikani. It suits me well and I seem to be making progress. I used it several years ago and have come back to it. Thank you to the developers and all involved.
2 questions, and if it’s been asked before my apologies but I would like to know why there is no official iOS App and also why I can’t study offline?
I appreciate that there maybe 3rd party Apps to do this but curious why Wanikani does not have that option for an end user.
Thank you.

They’re working on an official app. It had a few issues, so they’ve had to take it back to the drawing board.

Actually, that was quite a while ago. Like, May or thereabouts, if memory serves. I wonder what’s become of it…


Also, app development and support is expensive. It might sound like a single app, but what it means is that it’s actually something like 20 apps in a trenchcoat.

And that’s not even thinking about how once you have an iOS app, the Android crowd will also demand one (and rightly so), which means completely different tools from the iOS app, except an Android “app” is really more like 100 apps in a trenchcoat.

(What I mean is, every OS update requires both app updates at a very short length of time and on short notice, without breaking support for previous versions, and to somehow support ALL the various possible devices that use that OS, and the various possible OS versions for each one.)

You can read more about how expensive app development is here:

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I feel like these days a web site can do most of the stuff an app can do. Unless stuff like GPS or the camera are needed, an app may be overkill.

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This is why I think it’s better to go for a PWA (Progressive Web Apps) as they’ve already got a decent web app.

PWAs are likely to be the future.

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