Wanikani Not Working on Phone! :(

I would like to try this app, because it’s super recommended but it will actually go past the loading doge screen after I sign in. I can’t see any new updates… hmmm

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Is that on iOS? Yeah, I think one of the apps is no longer supported. There should be more. All the apps are user-created.


Only the website is official. (well, there’s an official iOS app in beta-test, but it’s an invite-only test)


I had the same problem. That link isn’t official, and that app is no longer supported. I would recommend you use Tsurukame, it’s even better than that app, and the owner updates it quickly when it is necessary.


Thanks! I will give it a try!

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You can also use it offline, and it shows you exactly when your next reviews will come. Enjoy your Wanikani journey!

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(Well, except for the official one, though that’s still in testing.)

If you are using an android phone, there is an app in the play store for WK that works at treat! I use it every day.

Alternatively, you could access WK’s web page via your web browser on your phone and use it that way…

Hope one of these suggestions is useful! Good luck with your studies and welcome to WK!! :heart::jp:

I’ve been using Tsurukame since level 1 and haven’t had a problem.

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I meant that I had the same problem with that app that the question is talking about. Tsurukame has always been great.

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