WaniKani Mnemonics Chart (work in progress)

So it took me a while to realize that WaniKani mnemonics are very consistent… but I got there. For example, ちょう is always Mrs. Chou, し is always sheep, and who can forget that crazy farmboy じょう Jourm?

I made a Google spreadsheet of them, both a list and a printable chart. I find it handy to look at all the mnemonics when I’m trying to remember an on’yomi…

Additions and corrections/suggestions are welcome! You can use the “Additions” tab for this or just put it in yourself. It’s a work in progress (including the “Introduced in level…” column, very much unfilled at the moment but I thought it might be useful).

WaniKani Mnemonics


mentioning everybody’s darling farm boy Jourm. WHAT kind of name is that? I legit had to read it about 10 times and tried to pronounce it as much and was still confused when he was first introduced. Anybody else? :woozy_face:


He’s just your everyday guy Jourm.


… and I love him! :smiley:


It’s pronounced じょう, obviously. The R and M are silent. :stuck_out_tongue:

The mnemonic for じょう used to be Joseph Stalin, but he was removed when they extracted all of the current affairs references and cultural references.


I’m 99% sure you’re joking, but it’s sublimely appropriate either way.

The first line in that post was a joke. The one you quoted was completely true.


Only 90s kids will remember.

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this one was very confusing to me, as someone who has long since used the screen name of Jormungandr (Jörmungandr), and often have the nickname of Jourm… I have never seen it pronounced as じょう, its always been ヨウル as in ヨルムンガンド. so I just choose to ignore that one and remember it with different mnemonics


Yup, the letter J is tricksy. When I see Spanish-speaking people texting a laugh as “jajajaja” – it reads in my head as “yayayaya” :slight_smile: (but never “jaw-jaw-jaw-jaw”)

What alternative mnemonic do you use? I’ve added an “Alt. Mnemonics” column, BTW, feel free to add.

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