WaniKani Memrise Course


I found this cool wanikani reverse vocab course on memrise and thought others might be interested. Wanikani Reverse Vocab.

It should be useful because WK quizzes J->E but that’s only half the equation. This provides an SRS method for quizzing E->J for the same vocab words. I also prefer memrise to anki due to ease of setup and how it doesn’t rely on you self-assessing your correctness.

Hope it’s helpful!


Is it any different/better/worse than Kaniwani?

Different. I don’t know about better or worse.

Kaniwani places more emphasis on the kanji whereas this just kinda shows it but it’s mostly kana. Kaniwani also is directly tied to your WK account so it only shows you words you’ve seen. This is solely by level.

On the other hand this has good audio and a variety of study modes. You do need an IME to use it though.

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I like the memrise course better than KaniWani. Having good mobile support, a variety of study modes, and audio (though it’s computer-generated for the first couple of levels) is what I find most valuable about it. When I tried KaniWani I didn’t feel like it was doing the job of “teaching” me in the reverse direction (for the words I was weaker on).

Just my personal opinion though! Try both and see what you like :slight_smile:

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