Wanikani marking answer wrong even though it's right?

Hello, I’m a new user and I noticed everytime I get a kanji wrong and then right the next time it shows a arrow down in red and saids apprentice…

Is it really leveling down the kanji even though it’s right?


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Once you review both halves of an item (reading and meaning), WaniKani gives you an indicator of what level that item is moving to. So since you got this one wrong in an earlier review, the item is going to move down a level, indicated by the red Apprentice visual you see here. It’s not saying the answer you input here is wrong (notice the green), but is saying that as a whole, because of your previous wrong answer, that this item is moving down. You have to answer both meaning and reading correctly in order for an item to be marked as fully correct and move up a level.


In one go, no mistakes.

There is a setting in the app settings menu to turn off the level up/down indicators, by the way. I turn it off sometimes, especially when I have ti work through a backlog and already feeling demotivated.

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