I'm building a WaniKani Dashboard

Hi, hope everyone’s doing ok during the lockdown.

I’ve been building myself a dashboard for my apartment, and one of the things I’m tracking is my progress in WaniKani. I showed this to a few people and they thought it was interesting, so I figured I would make it publicly available: https://dashboard.benkyou.cards/. You can use an API V2 key to see your data.

This is what it looks like for me

The big kanji panel is a carousel that cycles through the kanji in your current level.

I’m planning to add more information, like emphasis on the kanji you have upcoming, critical condition items and their definitions, etc. Let me know if you have an idea for something useful you could have on there.

Btw, I’m also the developer of the Benkyou flashcard app for WaniKani: Benkyou - study WaniKani on the go with swipe flashcards. iOS and Android. It hasn’t been updated in a really long time, but I’m still working on getting out an update. I was somewhat disillusioned with the project since Apple doesn’t let me publish it to the app store without in-app purchases. The work I did for this dashboard will help me update the mobile app to API V2, and an Android re-release is next on my list. As for iOS, I need to figure out how to get past the approval process, and I’ll probably need some beta testers for that.

Thanks! Let me know if there’s anything useful you’d like me to add!


It looks nice so far, you might just have to scale down the graph a little bit because that 200 got cut :joy:

Good luck!

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It looks very nice!
Is it a React app?

By the favicon I would say yes