Wanikani isn't slow


I know I was guilty of a posting a wanikani is slow thread when I just started, but I was just looking at one of the spoof versions of those threads and it really got me thinking, was wanikani ever really slow to begin with? When you first start, you think it’s slow because of the gap between reviews, but as you do it, I believe, you start to realize those gaps are speed! You aren’t staring at the screen waiting for reviews at all, you are enjoying life. You only need to do the minimal amount of reviews possible with srs, and that means SPEED. Waiting until radicals are gurued for kanji to unlock means less mistakes, which in turn means less time, which equals SPEED. Idk what I’m trying to say. It’s like I’ve awoken to a new knowledge. The apprentice is thinking wanikani is slow, the guru knows wanikani is slow, the master ponders if wanikani is even slow, and the enlightened know/realize wanikani is SO FAST, like so fast. I’ve reached enlightment but I can’t yet properly express the idea; perhaps when I burn said knowledge I will be able to.

I'm level N3 but I just started using this site. Do I really have to start from the beginning?

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This, exactly this. You have hit the nail on the head. It feels slow, but it is exactly right. The pace even builds up as your learning skills get built up. At the end, you can go faster than would have ever been possible for beginning you, which is, I think, part of the reason the last levels can be done in 3 days and 10 hours. SRS and habit are much more meaningful than a full out sprint which leaves you injured and exhausted and giving up.


Wow, and there I went trying to explain people that making fun of newbies doesn’t accomplish anything.
Oh well.

Thing is, most people jumps to conclusions and attacks WK based on the first three levels. I suck at accuracy and I can tell you, I get reviews every hour. It gets overwhelming at times, just wait until you pass Level 10 and you’ll see.

WK feels slow at the beginning, but don’t let that fool you. If you dedicate to this you’ll be at N2 level in around one year and a half, maybe less if you’re good at this. I consider that’s quite amazing.



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Nah, 36 levels in and this sites slow af. Why should I use this site when I could just use rosetta stone and become fluent in a fraction of the time.


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Ever since I knew the review gaps, I immediately understood that in the future levels…


Even more so if you slack off and skip a day.
I’m still level 5 and I’m already horrified. :joy:


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