Progression is way too slow

I get that the strategy behind WaniKani is SRS learning but the update frequency is far too slow. Another factor that’s just as crucial to learning is momentum, which is something I cannot keep up on this site compared to apps like Duolingo or DeerLingo.

I was considering paying for a subscription but having to wait crazy amounts of time for pointless review sessions that cover 1 or 2 erroneous cards is so demotivating. Why can’t faster learners choose a higher rate of release of radicals/kanji or a bigger set in releases?

This feedback is meant for the WaniKani admins since I don’t really care about differing opinions from other learners since everyone has their own style of learning. I’ve also seen this issue about WaniKani quite a bit on Reddit.

Yeah maybe it’s a tad slow in the beginning, especially in the free levels, but it picks up quickly. Decide for yourself what you want


They have an email address.

PS, this is from the description of the forum

Some things probably not worth posting about:

* WaniKani is too slow


Just for reference, how many hours a day to you intend to spend on Kanji/Vocab ?






Hence my question. 200 review a day, if you’re fast, can be done in 30min. If OP intend to spend 3/4 hours a day on Kanji/Vocab, WK will obviously be too slow.

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Damn, didn’t see that. Discourse forums are a bit of an eyesore. Will use that instead, apologies.


No upper bound. Happy to be spending hours a day.

So it looks like it’s just the beginning that’s painfully slow. Would be nice to be able to “test out” of radicals to speed the process up.


A little patience goes a long way my friend :wink:


If so, Remembering the Kanji + Anki is the fastest route.


The radicals are the foundation of how WaniKani teaches kanji. You wouldn’t skip pouring the foundation of a home to throw the walls up faster, would you? Once you’ve put enough items into the SRS system, WaniKani will stop feeling slow. Just give it some time to get the ball rolling.


He wants to go faster than 2000 kanji in 11 and a half months or whatever the specifics are now. Plenty of ways to do that, and most are free. You just have to do all the heavy lifting.

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@ctmf produced this WK workload chart if you need a visual of “things will pick up”


Popping into affirm that while the early levels feel slow, you will be inundated soon enough.

Also affirming that Wanikani works, really well, even if no learning tool is ever going to be a perfect fit for everyone.

Also, also affirming that learning to read kanji fluently isn’t as straightforward as cramming vocabulary, so pacing preferences in previous vocab-learning situations might not apply.

I thought the same thing when i started, but now just past the free levels i get like 100-200 reviews a day and ive learned quite a bit, if you’re patient it will pick up


Also, from the FAQ:


Wait, wasn’t it @ctmf who specifically said they didn’t like that chart?

You also have to keep in mind that you can’t really overwhelm yourself with a bunch of radicals and kanji at one time. So while WK feels very slow in the beginning (I mean we’ve all been there), it has a really good system of knowing just how much the brain can handle, especially since some of these people are brand new to Japanese in general.

@Chikuhitsu just posted about the “Can I go faster” and when it says “you’ll thank us later” it actually means it. Because by the time you hit level 10 or even level 5, suddenly you can be doing up to 200 reviews a day, and that’s if you stay on top of it.


They didn’t like the old one floating around with the ‘you are here’ arrow on it, as they didn’t feel it was accurate enough.