Wanikani is such a tease

Every week I look forward towards getting the infamous 0:0 and thinking “one more day of 20 lessons and I’ll be finished with this level” I’m estatic, believing that I’ve done a really swell job and can now finally relax a little.

This morning looked like this to me:

Yet as soon as I finish my review sessions…

Y U do dis to me Koichi?


I do everything at once and have 0.0 for a couple of days until the first set of kanji and radicals are done.
Then its pretty much 0.0 until I level up again.


Wouldn’t that normally mean that you would have an obscene amount of apprentice items after the beginnign of every level? Or does it level out eventually and you get to low amounts like on your side later on.

I mean I can’t really do 125 lessons today can I :thinking:

Meanwhile, koichi:



I never seem to have more than 120 at the most.
What happens is that when I get new items, I work though them and then they guru at the same time that new ones are unlocked; so I just get a single or two big piles a day and then just have to mop up the stragglers.

Also, the reviews get further apart after I do them, so I end up with not much to do in a day.

That peak at 6 tomorrow is only about 60 items and the one after it is about 22.

Current stats are

So you do like 100 lessons after leveling up?

Something like that, but I never do mnemonics.
The only things I really get tricked up on are the stupid radical names because up until now I’m already familiar with most of the kanji, even if I wouldn’t say I know them.
So its just adding a reading to something I’m familiar with.

未 末 were a real pain though.

Left and right were a big problem for me too, because I knew the words but couldn’t associate one with the other.
So WK is really helping with associations in Japanese as much as anything.

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Alan, you need to consider your level vs @kylesama’s level in Japanese. Memorizing 120 new words per level is different than knowing 40 and only needing to memorize 80. Not saying this is the case though.

Also, in this phase it might not be a problem to do them all at once, but it eventually ends up being one for most people.

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In addition to WK I try and add about 50 new words a day onto my SRS queue.

Also I speak Japanese everyday and my vocab is probably in the couple of thousand range for active words.
My grasp of vocab would probably get me most of the way to N3 and into N2 territory.

WK is known for not being particularly useful when it comes to vocab too, so I mainly use it for passive vocab and the kanji reinforcement.
I’m never particularly bothered about picking a word up and being able to use it either.

You can’t skip WK levles so its easy to make judgement on relative Japanese level I guess.

A quick add @Alan234 , I really think you’re doing great. The goal is to always have new lessons available to do while still being able to keep up with learning the items you recently unlocked and you did this! :slight_smile: You don’t want to be level 14 and still be doing vocab lessons from level 12.


Exactly. That’s why the advice of doing all lessons at once might not be the best for @Alan234 :slight_smile: My 2 cents though.

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I don’t recall giving advice to do all the lessons at once.
I thought it was a discussion about 0.0

WK isn’t a game or a competition though, so basically just do it at the pace you can do it at.
I’ve been doing Japanese for about 10 years now and I’m still learning stuff everyday, even from my level on WK, so I can’t say anything about pace.


Yeeey, time to keep doing my 20 lessons a day then… (with radicals and kanji asap). Also yeah I realise kyle is far ahead on me, so our methods would conlifct… If this works for him thats great though.

I guess I’ll see my 0:0 at level 60

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Not until you do all of those burn reviews.

Sorry if I’m being thick… What does 0.0 refer to? For the record I’m like @kylesama, I do all my lessons at once, time permitting. But as @jprspereira said, that may just be because there’s still a lot of familiarity in the current lessons. I may have to pace myself more as my previous knowledge starts to wear thin.

Read OP in this thread.
He means 0 lessons 0 reviews.

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Thanks! Yes I read the whole thread, but it left me confused. OK, sure, in that case I have 0.0 a lot of the time, though as I said, that may change as the lessons get harder for me to retain.

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