WaniKani help with JPLT?

Just started here and was curious about how well WaniKani prepares you for the JPLT?

It will prepare you very well for the kanji section. Of course, you’ll have to learn (additional) vocabulary and grammar elsewhere.

You can check https://www.wkstats.com/#charts.jlpt to see at what level you’ll learn most of the kanji needed for the level JLPT you want to take.

How well it prepares you for the kanji section depends on which level you’re aiming. For N5 through N3, WK covers a very large percentage of things you could see in the kanji section. For N2 it still covers a lot, but it isn’t quite as comprehensive, and for N1 it maybe only gets you about 2/3 of the way there, I’d say.

The issue is not that WK is lacking kanji, though it could have some more, but that there are just so many words that could appear on the higher levels, and if it’s a kanji with multiple readings and you’ve never seen that specific word before you have to guess. Of course, doing WK would put you in better shape to guess than if you hadn’t done it. But nothing on WK will help you get the readings for verbs that weren’t covered right.

And there are a lot of those.

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True, I was assuming that the OP was aiming for one of the lower levels.

if you want to learn grammar with SRS as well you can check out bunpro, which even sorts the lessons by JLPT level. i assume doing that and wanikani to a necessary degree would still not be enough, though, because you haven’t covered the non-kanji vocabulary you need. maybe check out this this thread (there’s a section “textbooks and grammar”):


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