Is wanikani alone enough to learn kanji?

For the past 3 months this website is all I have been using to learn kanji.

Are there any other resources I should be using for optimal efficiency? How about taking notes? I haven’t taken a single one yet for kanji.


It depends what you mean by “learn”.

WK will expose you to over 2000 kanji, and teach you English glosses for those kanji, and teach some associated vocabulary for them (though a few dozen or so toward the end still don’t have associated vocab).

That still leaves you with some common kanji that don’t appear on the site. It also leaves you with incomplete knowledge for the kanji that do appear on the site.

But whether that’s an issue for you depends on your objectives. Do you just want to gain familiarity with kanji generally? (It’s more than sufficient for this)

Do you want to pass a particular level of the JLPT? (Everything related to kanji on levels before N1 is probably decently enough covered, but your N1 kanji knowledge would have big gaps)

Do you want to pass a particular level of the Kanji Kentei? (passing even the lowest level without other materials would be a challenge)

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Do you know if they plan to add more stuff to the site to “complete” it?
I still have a lot to learn, but would like to know if I can get more out of it by the time I reach the last level.

They have said they do plan to add vocab to the ones that don’t yet have vocab.

But they’d have to add hundreds of new vocab to other words to cover all the missing readings that exist currently. You have to draw the line somewhere though.

Regarding all the other things that there are to know about kanji that you would need for something like Kanji Kentei, they probably won’t add anything like that since it’s outside of the scope they are aiming for.


Wanikani is very efficient for teaching most of the Kanji you’ll encounter in daily Japanese reading materials (newspapers, articles, books, etc.) However, it doesn’t teach quite all of the JLPT N1 Kanji, as well as some specialized Kanji you might encounter for things like animal species and other niche topics. (A good example are the Kanji for parrot 鸚哥 (いんこ), which are neither on Wanikani nor the JLPT list.)

It’ll honestly set you up pretty well as far as Kanji goes. By the time you reach even 20% of the way through the program you’ll probably have enough skill and comfort with Kanji in general to be able to differentiate and make up your own mnemonics. At that point, you may just be interested in SRS reviews for the remaining ones, which can be achieved through a custom deck in either Anki or

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Thanks for the answer.
Yes, they already have an impressive resource, but it’s always nice to know they will at least add some more vocab.

I’ve never used Anki or but I really like the way WaniKani does things. It would be cool if you could add your own custom terms to WaniKani, and even share them among the community. It could be an added feature to Premium or something, or maybe non-premium can get up to like 50 custom (so people can play around with the feature) and premium gets unlimited customs. has a dedicated deck with an added 1000 kanji for those that finish WaniKani. Haven’t tested it yet for obvious reasons, but I added it to my queue for future reference.

we’re premium already, considering we’re paying a good amount of money. :slight_smile:

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