WaniKani + Genki help?

So, I am using WK in concert with Genki. I just started Genki I. ch. 1 and had a few questions. Currently on level 1 of WK.

For those using both, do you normally study the Kanji/Vocab from Genki? or do you wait until it comes up in WK?

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There is a lot of vocab that WaniKani doesn’t cover, so you’re better off studying it out of genki. If it does come up in WaniKani, it definitely won’t hurt already knowing it


I agree with the above. If you’re not sure how to study it, I know there are Memrise courses for Genki vocab, and there are likely Anki decks for it as well. I used both when going through Genki I and II, and it made the readings easier, plus provided some decent foundational vocab.


I wouldn’t focus so much on learning the kanji, but the vocabulary itself. That’s basically what you need to understand how the grammar is being applied. You’ll learn the kanji later on using WK, so don’t worry.

EDIT: I’ve heard great things about the anki deck from @hinekidori. It resembles the WK’s experience.



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