Wanikani Dark Azure 2 Theme

i’ll take a look

Yeah alright, thanks for that. I actually didn’t realise you were able to update just my script. As for the screenshots don’t worry about them. I just thought that since you didn’t log updates a pic to see what was changed could be good (especially when looking back in a year’s time and users wondering what it was that was actually updated). But surely you can’t expect people to read the whole thread to see the developments or when things were added? Even if you did, just posting “Updated quite a few new improvments” doesn’t say anything of the changes you actually did, which defeats the whole purpose of keeping a log for users to see.

Seriously thanks so much for trying. I can’t believe you made this and you don’t even code :joy:
You don’t need to go so much into detail for the blog. Just like dot points or give a rough outline of what you did.


  • Modified Review Forecast (blue text now yay!)
  • Added black outlines to Reviews Summary screen
  • Removed shadows
  • Changed Reading background colour to black (was grey)

Surely that’s infinitely easier than doing the actual coding? After all what’s the point of putting so much effort into changing your script if you don’t share what you’ve changed with other users? I’m certain they’ll be very happy to see the work you’ve put in. c:

The thing is that when you make a style you’re changing thousands of things, so having that detailed a change log would be a lot effort

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Oh ok I didn’t know.

Is that still not possible?

Hey just found a bug with your style/theme.

When I visit the page for a specific vocab or such, it is missing the section that has ‘Alternative Meanings, User Synonyms, and Part of Speech’. It simply does not show it.

Other than that, thanks for the updates/changes.

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Sorry, what color of what are you referring to? I think since we had 3 conversations going it got a little mixed up. ^^’ So I’ll just answer all three, BUT FIRST I just wanted to let you that I appreciate how much work you’ve put in so far and that I really like this project. So if I ever make suggestions, please don’t think I am being critical. I am just offering what I think I would (and other people would) like. And this is all really impressive, especially the recent update with making everything dark even the input boxes, even more so since you’re not a coder! I am not a coder. Tried too many times and my eyes have just glazed over every time. Recently I have been downloading a lot of scripts from this wanikani [guide]((My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )) that help people from the ground up if you want to take a look at the other script suggestions to make sure they don’t have any bugs with your style). It is a popular guide so I imagine other people might be thinking the same way as me, which is something to consider if they also come across your lit style (or, I guess, dim?)

So, back to the topic of colors/what you would be making a script for.

I had made this reply earlier in this thread regarding the colors of the Meaning and Reading boxes (how in the original WK the reading box is black and the Meaning box is white). I never got a response from you in regards to that so I just assumed it had gotten buried with all the other comments people were typing. This is a screenshot of it:

If you were referring to my comment that the current update of your style shows blue text in the bright pink kanji progress bar (picture below), I feel safe in saying that the colors clash and every user would benefit from a different color. Plain Black or white should be fine instead.
kanji bar

While I was doing reviews I also came across some other kinks with some other scripts if you wanted to take a look at those as well:

The “Wanikani Pitch Info” script looks like this during reviews, colors not matching and the hyperlink quite dark with the Pitch text having an odd white shadow:
issue with pitch script

There is a script, not 100% but I think it is “Fast Abriged Wrong/Multiple Answer” where they show the correct answer when you get something wrong. As you recall, you changed the red slightly to look much more pleasant, however this red box is the same as the old and also needs to be changed.

The confusion guesser script also has bright colors when their notifs pop up that would be bright compared to this dark mode.

Otsukaresama deshita


Fixed please update


Oh yeah that should have been the first thing I mentioned, since I basically pulled most my scripts from there. The cake ones especially.

Yeah that should be white I reckon.

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My ConfusionGuesser script allows you to change the guess colors in the settings menu. If requested, I could also add a button “Dark mode preset” to this menu, but someone would have to propose the colors I should use there.


Updated menus and some other tweaks

What I like to do with my themes is to add clear indication in the style itself what was changed, then post more general info in the thread

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Yeah that would make sense. Oh farout so every new patch you put the version number above it so you can remember when you added what?

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WoW thats a really clean looking script My script dose not look as clean as this.

Yep, and so that users can see exactly what was changed and how

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That’s a good idea, it didn’t even occur to me to log when you added what.

It’s the second version of what was once my first theme. I did the same thing as you did, I learned as I went. Makes for a messy style at first, but as long as it works it works. If you stick around long enough I’m sure you will also rewrite your style eventually hugs

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I mean, judging from the 2 would this already be considered a rewrite?

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Oh, I suppose so! Well, either way you learn with experience. I haven’t looked at the CSS for this style, so maybe it is really neat and OP is just humble wink

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Yesterday was the first time I put links in my threads. I did not realize people got notified that I linked their posts! :open_mouth:

SARUOU might be best to ask since he is the one who put together this dark mode and so he knows the exact colors he used. IMO I think the best color of the shades that he has been using for your pop up bar would be the lighter black (the one that colors the small boxes below the input).

Fixed menus and changed lines on community box.