WaniKani Content Overhaul


That’s coming from the whitelist answers - that said, I don’t think there’s an easy solution to turn those off, because we use the whitelist tool for other things too (like letting you type in 10,000 for 万 instead of “ten thousand”). I’m going to talk to the team about adding in a little warning banner like the ones that come up for typing in the wrong reading type, or typing in an English answer that’s slightly off, so you at least know about it. That’ll be the first step - doing something more would take a little more consideration / dev time so I can’t promise anything there.


こちらこそ〜! :bowing_man:t2:‍♂


I was just thinking a level 60 would need to ‘relearn’ every radical that changed, so their version of the tool page would list them all. So they could make a ‘master list’ for the rest of us, since we don’t see what’s above us.


0_0 ooh, you’re right!

Going to get a card up for that to get fixed, thanks @Toyger!


Have you considered making the new mnemonics and radical names default when “Display old mnemonics” is turned on? I don’t want to stay on the old mnemonics, but I want to still have them readily available at the click of a button. I think that way it would make more sense for most people, especially since you probably want people to use the new ones anyway.


And you’re such a… Ninkastmin?



Not going to help at all now, but one thing I was thinking about was a change log for mnemonics, once we settle mnemonics down a bit.


I hope so! But, that sounds like the issue at hand. I think it’ll keep your progress on it, so when you get to level 32 give a resurrect a try if you want. Let us know if you run into trouble anywhere else, though.


It’s added now, along with the one item that went from on’yomi to kun’yomi


Okay, I checked, and indeed those three kanji moved from a higher level to a lower one. But, they’re all different levels before your current level, so they won’t actually mess up your progress on level 14 (whew, good luck)


Somewhere in this thread someone figured out the new fast levels (26 seems like it’s not fast anymore). But, I think there are three new fast levels out there. According to another post (not confirmed by me), 41, 43, and 44 are the new fast levels.


Thanks for the offer. Pun lovers like us are too few and far between!


We’re talking about doing that! Or adding another option to default the new ones over the old.


How do you say hello to Koichi in Japanese?

Koichi wa!


(This also reminds me of my own mnemonic (meaning + reading) for 光: Triceratops sitting outside in the sunlight at a picnic table eating pie when こういち joins him. For vocab, I just add the hikari/hickory smoked bacon to the plates with pie.)


Thanks for responding patiently to every question! At my current level, relearning a few radicals (and some swapped readings) has been painless, so far. Kudos on the rollout.


Thanks for the info. So does that mean that all references to the KKK and Charlie Sheen were wiped out, never to be seen again, as a “regular content update”?


*flags @koichi for spamming the thread*

No wonder there were two hundred posts to read when I got up this morning…


@koichi お疲れ様でした。


My thinking was that yurts are pretty common with the hipstery festival-going folk and a lot of those festivals are clustered along the western coastal states (CA, OR, WA) but it was just a very loosely thrown-together hypothesis. It was more intended for humor rather than something I’d submit as my final thesis.