WaniKani Content Overhaul Announcement


You can still enter the old names for radicals and be marked correct. They’ll just be secret correct names.


Oh boy, are we going to be the senpais all part of the secret sect that knows the secret radical names that will no longer be visible to any new kouhais, or can anyone toggle the new/old names on and off?

EDIT: Added quote to put the reply in context. Also I’m still waiting for my tshirt.


You only get the toggle option if your account exists before the update. So you’ll all be very special 先輩. (Even though you’re special in my eyes already.)


Would I have to relearn existing radicals in my SRS?


feels called out


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See above:


I mean though will it be new lessons or all the sudden I’ll get it wrong if I put in the old name?


Are you planning on adding some of the N1 kanji not taught yet? Will the number of vocabulary increase?


You’ll have the option to add the items to your lesson queue via the tool. You control what you want to learn or not with these changes.

And above again:


Sorry. <_<

I swear I read it, I must be absent minded today.

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No new kanji with this update. There will only be a few new vocabulary words, nothing major in that department.


No worries. :blush:

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I’m very excited for this :blush: I was wondering how on earth you were going to handle making these changes without screwing things up for existing users, but it sounds like a lot of work has gone into making sure that doesn’t happen.

MOAR LESSONS! :triumph:

have… have we lost Charlie Sheen?!


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Or… fabric softener?


So does that mean I might be waking up on Wednesday with a ton of vocabulary lessons? This is still pretty unclear to me.

On top of that, I reached out to the WK Twitter a while back to see if they had any update regarding adding the 261 Joyo kanji not covered by WK, and I was told, ‘I don’t know which specific kanji/vocab we’re planning on adding, but I do know that we want to round our content a bit more to include some of the JLPT N1 terms we’re currently missing.’… More new content soon? :eyes:


Unless you level up that morning, no. It’s five.

Not “soon,” never “soon.”

Apparently if I even hint at something being in the works people start coming up with conspiracy theories, so I’m not saying anything. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Is there a certain threshold level where you would advise users to just stick with the old radicals/mnemonics? Or does it make sense to switch to the new ones in any case?


I’d say it’s up to the user. If you’re at, oh I dunno, level 48 or so, I’d take a look at what the tool says on Wednesday. Odds are you’ll just want to relearn radicals in the kanji that are coming up (if you want to) so it probably won’t be that many.

I can also say pretty confidently that the new mnemonics are going to be better because I wrote almost all of them.


Nooooo, Hard Gay is the one pop culture mnemonic that I did want to see removed :cry:

I obviously understand it can’t change with this round of updates, but please consider in future updates that Hard Gay is seen by both Japan’s LGBT and the international LGBT communities as hokey and unhelpful at best, and harmful to changing public perception about LGBT+ people in Japan at worst. I know the mnemonic is separate from the content itself, but it’s still not something I’m thrilled to encounter with such a frequent reading.