WaniKani Content Overhaul Announcement


The Mmemonic for 劇 now says: ‘You remember Beck’s grandfather, Geck (げき), right? Well, Geck did all the music featured in this drama. Geck’s pretty talented. You’re impressed.’

Is this the result of overhaul, where Beck and apparently his grandfather Geck play a major role? If so, where are the characters first introduced?


I remember seeing them in an old one too, one of my hardest to remember (and I can’t even tell you what item it was, cause I can’t recall D= )

I do hope this one can get a better one, cause, who? What? Doesn’t even make it memorable…


I remember those mnemonics from years ago. I think they’re referring to the musical artist Beck, which probably should be changed because he’s a cultural reference. I think they just made up Geki as a name for his grandpa for mnemonics, similar to Gouichi.

@Toyger Personally I found it memorable because I like Beck :woman_shrugging:


I’ve vaguely heard the name, didn’t know it was an artist :wink:
I honestly thought it was a football player or something sports related XD


You know what, I think there is a sports star named Beck. Maybe a basketball player? I know nothing about that though :laughing:


While there is a basketballer named Corey Beck, I believe WaniKani is referring to the musician. I honestly could not call a single one of his songs to mind, though.


I’m stuck on “drama” as well, it doesn’t really want to stick easily. Probably because I’ve never heard from that Beck person before. One up to replace that guy by something more memorable.


Question : I’m kinda lost with the new radicals update.
I updated the radicals I already learned that’s fine. Now they are radical I did not learn yet but can still use the relearning tool to learn them early. The question is : Will I learn the new meaning when those radical appears or will I learn the old meaning and then I should relearn them right away ?


You don’t know what you’re missing then.

This one knows.


I couldn’t for the life of me understand the reference. And I love a few of his songs (mostnamely Jackass)


“Questionable taste” mnemonics removed? Oh cool, WaniKani is also sacrificing its style to appease political correctors.


Hahaha I know! I am currently living in the States!


There have been several warnings not to start that discussion again.


how long will the announcement banner stay?


For me, “geki” is a cute little green gecko, staring fiercely at the direction of the white tsunami. Just saying, make up your own stuff.


Never saw any, that was my first post.


Beck sang ‘Loser’ in the 90s.


and “Where It’s At”


now i had a random kanji threwn in as lesson, as my lvl 27 content steers towards the end: 僕
i know this one of course, you see it all the time, but i was worried that i couldn’t see it on the lv 27 overview page. looked for it, seems it’s from lvl 12 or so.

wanikani feels strange right now. sudden workloads, backtracking, i hope things wili settle down soon… my real life is turbulent enough with me preparing to move, and high load is what i was hoping to avoid, with 1 week without internet in my new home. 200er review stacks on the phone are not pleasant.