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Shake that bush again?

At least, I might have the title of the song wrong, but that’s the main phrase in the chorus. XD

Also there was an anime that was really popular 8-10 years ago called Beck about some teenagers … I think who liked the musician Beck. (I never saw it, but always ran into posters for it.)

At least for one of them, I said “You SEI you’re Correct? Then SHOW me the answer!” (I think it was for Seishou - Correct)… I wonder if “SAY” would work everywhere. Like different objects saying things?

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Is there a list of the removed/rewritten mnemonics that I can view somewhere?

Okay another one: 合 now has ごう as reading. First of all, I feel like this has been changed, and used to be かい. But, then secondly, the mnemonic gives me.

‘You need someone who will suit you. Someone who can join you on your life journey. So you call ごういち.’

Now why is ごういち a new recurring character? It is not really memorable, as it is too similar to こういち. So why this change?

i can’t speak to your issues about the mnemonic, but the original readings for 合 were あ and あい.

合 was changed from あ/あい to ごう. Check out the list in the main post.

ごいちい was already the character for ごう on the site, we didn’t change this.

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Probably should though. It’s too easy to confuse with こういち.

Oh no, I just realized you killed the cute (きゅう) bunnies! :sob:

Wait whaaa?! What are they now? I obviously haven’t come across a きゅう mnemonic yet…


Bahahahaha :joy: okay, that surprised me enough to get a snort of laughter, so maybe it’ll work.


It works pretty memorably for 吸 :open_mouth:


It does! ^^ I do wonder why they felt the need to change that one though :thinking: I suppose if you initially remember the bunnies themselves it’s an extra step compared to remembering a cucumber…

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Narwhal is totally how I remember ナ

“and/or questionable-taste mnemonics” - this is part what made them funny and memorable…and if you reset your account after a long hiatus, as I did, it’s even worse. An argument could be made against the pop culture references, but if you DID get them, they would burn in your brain nearly instantly.


But a LOT of English speakers no longer remember crazy Charlie Sheen. He was a thing for being wacky, to people who followed celebrities, in America, about a decade ago.

That’s not a lot of people anymore, unlike Sauron or Star Wars even.

Here, maybe? Hellooo?

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Did anyone tell JISHO? I regularly seem to be doing things that they say are on a WK level I haven’t seen yet… Should be a fairly simple fix?


Yeah, I guess so… I just messaged them :wink:



I thought something was fishy about the radicals

@AnniB and everyone that might be interested in an update: