Wanikani Confessions

To level up you need to have at least 90% of the current level kanji up to guru, so the only thing that actually matters if you want to go fast is to do the level’s radical lessons as soon as you level up, then when they get to guru do the kanji lessons as soon as possible, and of course you also need to do the reviews whenever they’re available.

Maybe you’re not going fast enough because when you level up you first do the vocab lessons from the previous level, then the radicals and kanji from the current level.

There’s a script you can use to reorder lessons (and reviews, but I don’t recommend that) in order to do the radicals and kanji first and level up faster:

Just be sure to use it responsibly, because this script makes it possible to completely ignore vocabulary lessons, and you should still do them. Many users have procrastinated these lessons to the point of being several levels behind in vocabulary.