Wanikani Confessions

Just used ignore on the 方 radical because I put way instead of direction and decided that I don’t care


also the fact that the back slash doesn’t show up is triggering me super hard

¯\(ツ)/¯ use two :wink:

Now it disappeared completely ><

EDIT: JK, just went on different lines

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Use a third so it’s not italics. :wink:

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You are a genius.

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Wanikani is my excuse for not keeping up with grammar…


Ditto, I tend to avoid vocab lessons on WK too >.>

At this point, we basically use it as a verb so your name could get mentioned in reference to other people. :stuck_out_tongue:



  1. to reset your level by an order of magnitude on WaniKani.

“I Leebo’d from 40 to 4 yesterday. It was a touch decision but my review pile was crazy man”

synonyms: to reset, to revert;


  1. the act of resetting ones level by a significant degree.

“Can you believe that @jprspereira did a Leebo last week? I guess he just had to finish in under one year after @Koichi joked about it on the podcast.”

synonyms: reset, revert,

*accuracy of grammatical or phonetic knowledge is not claimed in the writing of this post. Offense is not intended, nor were any Leebo’s or JP’s harmed in the making of this post. Satirical. Terms and conditions apply.


Ohhhh I remember when you did that. I forgot about that.

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What was the point to make?

Use the 368 guide if it hasnt been suggested already

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That being level 60 didn’t make my opinion more important.


What is this? The first I’ve heard of it.


Joke’s on me for buying lifetime the old fashioned way. :rofl:


That’s true, but that’s not what “to Leebo” means.
At least, it used to mean to correctly reply to a question faster than anyone else.
Originated back in the days when seeing “Leebo is replying” meant you could just cancel your own reply.
Usually used as

Edit: Leebo’d

when, upon posting, you realize someone had just said the same thing a second ago.


with better wording, examples and so to the point you think to yourself, well I didn’t know that I didn’t know that much


I’m not leveling on purpose (partly cuz too busy) so that I can get 42 days on level 42. Almost there too, I think!

Edit: holy heck I just checked and it actually at 42 days 20 hours so it’s time to get cracking on some lessons :cold_sweat:


Not to be confused with being ninja’d, which is a broader concept of someone quickly replying before you. I would like to reserve leebo’ing for either first posts in a thread asking about something, or serious JP questions in general, but by now most people seem to use it instead of ninja’ing.