WaniKani Anime Sentences Add-On post update

Hi guys,
I currently have the WK anime sentences add-on, which used to show extra sentences used in anime for every new vocabulary word learnt. However ever since the last major update, which changed even the UI of WK, the add-on does not seem to be working anymore. I have tried updating and refreshing multiple times, but still to no avail.
Does anyone know if this is a fixable problem, or does it depend on the person who came up with the add-on to update it to fit the new wk?
Thanks a mil!

Version 1.1.3 is supposed to work, but I have recently seen a few reports for scripts that use Item Info Injector stating that they do not work anymore (Stroke Order Diagram, Pitch Info). Make sure to reinstall the version linked before and check if you still do not get an “Anime Sentences” section on a vocabulary page. If not, can you go through the steps in this guide to gather more information about the problem?