Waiting system sometimes excessive

Yeah, i guess i’m not the first complaining about this and i deserve such responses, no problem. Whatever, i’m glad i could understand that my problem is about the level system. I have no complains now.


I wish i had more time for my reviews and lessons.

I have nothing to say but it’s the best application for the long run.


Level 1 is slow for a reason. It allows the users to have enough time to understand the system. If they were to add extra material to it, people would get overwhelmed and give up. Trust me, a lot of people do already. WK is a fantastic program, but not everyone is willing to come here every day to study. A lot of people also get burned out from not being able to manage WK.

Have you just started learning Japanese? I’d say that you should check other resources (for grammar, for example) while you wait. There’s a bunch of different things to do while learning a language.

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I think you should give the first three levels a go before you decide whether the site is going to work for you or not. WaniKani is probably the most efficient way to learn kanji out there.


Copy pasted from a post @jprspereira once did ( https://community.wanikani.com/t/wanikani-is-too-slow-and-the-radicals-are-useless-also-why-cant-i-just-level-up-in-one-day-instead-of-7/27040/51 )

This is how the items progress from Apprentice to guru:

Apprentice 1 => Guru 1 (3d10h, considering 4 correct answers in a row)

Apprentice 1 (lesson)
Apprentice 2 (+4h)
Apprentice 3 (+8h)
Apprentice 4 (+23h => consider this as 24h or 2x12h)
Guru 1 (+47h => consider this as 48h or 4x12h)

Once your radicals are gurud (so in around 3 1/2 days) you will get the kanji and once you guru the kanji you will get the first vocab.

Once you guru all radicals and kanji in a level you will level up and unlock the next radicals.

Theres a lot more towards this topic (read the whole comment), but thats the gist, which might help

Yep, i’m already studying for JLPT2. I just wanted to try WK because everyone talks nice about it.

It’s worth noting that those timelines are for levels 3 and beyond.

No one has mentioned it yet (probably to avoid exploding his brain) that level 1 and 2 are actually accelerated SRS timelines…

As Leebo said, for level 1 & 2 you can actually complete the whole levels in 3 days 10 hours

Also, do your reviews :rage:


Oh, I see. WK is definitely good for beginners. In your case, it depends. Are you having trouble crossing the 1000 kanji barrier?

Maybe @Nath can help you, since he started WK even after N2 (N1? idk).

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I joined after N3, found it too slow, and only started for real after N1 (to tackle pesky leeches that still remains no matter what after all those years, also vocab)


Just for the record, I had to slow down massively in the past few weeks because the burn reviews (the one you have to wait four months for) are just too much for me to handle.

But of course, you can’t experience that for the 6 first months, so you know, no hard feelings.

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Not really, for some reason i love kanjis so i never get tired of studying them. That’s why i try every resource that teachs kanji.


Studying and learning are two different processes though: sur you can watch kanjis on your screen all day, but for your brain to be able to fetch them immediately whenever it pops up, it takes time and repetition, hence the SRS, the mnemonics and all that.

I hear a lot about burn reviews being the next “difficulty increase”, why is that?

Indeed, actually i really like to take every kanji and write it down until i can memorize it. I can’t leave a kanji as “learnt” until i know all its radicals, stroke order and words combining it with more kanjis.

For example: When i study 日 i also learn that i can combine it with 本 in order to get 日本, with 休 in order to get 休日 and so on.

You could say i’m a kanji maniac. :stuck_out_tongue:

The increase in work load is tough for two reasons.

  1. The sheer amount of reviews increases suddenly, because you didn’t have to do burn reviews up until now.
  2. Burn reviews being what they are, you are bound to miss some. And a missed burn review means the item gets back to Guru 2, which means even more reviewing.

Also, I think my brain is starting to feel pretty tired at this point: shoving 90 kanjis and 250 words into your brain each month is really exhausting, and I had a hard time keeping up lately.

WK does this as a way to facilitate the learning of the kanji. There’s 6000 vocab words for 2000 kanji. You have yet to experience this, since you only have the radicals to review for now.


Ok. Now wait a whole week and see what you’re really retained.