Vocabulary vs. new level

What’s everyone’s approach?

After leveling up, do you start new level material asap or do you wait and practice the previous level vocabulary before getting to the new stuff?

I still have about 2/3 of level 4 vocab that I have barely even started and 90 lessons available which include level 5 radicals.

Trying to take it extra carefully this time since I have a burnout and I have overwhelmed myself and stopped twice already with wanikani in the past.

Really curious if you are able to cram all that new vocab, new radicals and kanji into your head at the same time?

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I do lessons whenever they show up in my lesson queue. I don’t do all lessons in one go. I spread them at a rhythm of about (the exact number varies) 25 lessons per day.

This sort of thing is highly personal. Everyone has his own circumstances so the best approach depends on the individual. What works for me might burn you out. I suggest focusing on what works for you and not try to imitate others.


It was a long time ago now - but in the early days I was going through a lot faster.

I used to use re-order script to do the new levels radicals - then I would smash through the vocab. Doing upwards of 100 lessons in a day.

Looking back this seems like madness - and at a couple of points i was close to burning out when those big batches started coming back to haunt me in my reviews… :hot_face:

I find the vocab nowadays to be less intuitive - so I can’t handle more than 20 lessons in a day, as my accuracy just drops.


I am currently at level 7 and started using community scripts only recently. Once levelled up, I reorder the lessons to complete the vocab first because the kanjis are fresh in the memory. This not only speeds up your vocab but also consolidates that kanji before you take in new fresh radicals and Kanjis. Moreover, vocabs are the fastest to go through, so doing 20-30 in one go isnt really bad. Once I reach apprencite 3 (which takes only 24 hrs), I hit the radicals of the new lessons (all in one go) and again wait 24 hrs to hit the set of kanjis. I feel this is the most optimised way of doing the lessons.
Dont try to rush in order to complete the radicals first. Saving one day is gonna harm 7 days you gave to level up from the previous one. Learnt it the hard way.

I try to keep at the very least a minimum of 100 Apprentice items and do about 10 lessons per day.
It isn’t the fastest approach but I really want to consolidate everything I learn before moving on. If I get stuck I use the Self-Study quiz script to practice and reduce the new lessons so I won’t burn out/get overwhelmed. One of the things I find to be of most importance is to keep a steady inflow of new information through the lessons, even if it isn’t too great of a number.
So I would recommend you try something like this and tweak the numbers until you find a “magic number” or ratio that works for yourself.
And if you are worried about being able to cram all those different types of concepts (readings, meanings, kanji, radicals etc) into your head, worry not: anyone can do it. I mean it. Remember, every element you learn will be used over and over again. For example: A radical will keep showing up during kanji and vocab lessons/reviews, as it is built into them. You can try to break the kanji down then and there to practice these other elements.

Ditto. Mis-using that script got me in so much trouble. Now I stick to my 10 lessons a day. finishing off those 50 vocab before getting to the new level’s radicals is a bit frustrating, but much better than crashing waves of hundreds of reviews

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i would clear the radicals first, then shuffle up old vocab, new kanji and vocab and clear it all. If i spread out the kanji I wont have a pile of new lessons blasting in my face when i level up.


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