Vocabulary tips

what’s the best way to learn kanji and not forget it?


I hear WaniKani helps with that :wink:

Real answer: Studying other aspects of the language like grammar and vocabulary in addition to kanji, so you can begin to make use of your Japanese knowledge via things like reading. If you’re consistently using the language, you’re far less likely to forget things.


thank you for your response. I really appreciate it !


I absolutely agree. The vocabularies I already now and then see on wanikani definetely stick way faster than the other way around. To me it is much harder to learn a vocabulary on wanikani as I cannot use it right away with my limited knowledge of Japanese so far.
So as a beginner it motivates me to hear a word in a movie/series that I know. Or learn a new vocabulary in my text book with hiragana and know how to write the kanji version of it.
Although I am doing my reviews every day I am not speeding my lessons because I still want to have enough time to learn grammar and sentences.


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