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Hello! I’m a mere new graduate to level 2 user and so far there is only one thing that has annoyed me (outside of my own typos) … Why is there no vocabulary grid on the front page??

There are radicals and kanji, but no third grid for vocabulary. I know some vocab needed to be learned before I progressed to level 2, but I couldn’t SEE IT. I also want to learn ALL of level 1’s vocab before moving to level 2. (The problem with gamifying a thing when the user is a completionist?) I wish to learn all of it and SEE my progress with the blue dots in the same satisfying way I saw it in level 1.

Am I the only one who immediately missed this for vocab and wanted it?

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I noticed this as well and agree that it would be nice to have.

What I personally do to work around that is use the WaniKani statistics site and go to Items->Wanikani and then set its config to:

Option Group Option Setting
Group By Primary Level
Group By Secondary Item Type
Show/Hide Item Type Hide Radicals and Kanji
Show/Hide SRS Stage Disable Locked (and everything else except Lessons if you only want to show outstanding lessons)

Just to give you some clarifying info. No vocab is required to level up. You level up by getting 90% of the current level’s kanji to guru (so filling up all the little squares beneath a kanji). Because of this, vocabulary isn’t shown in this panel as it is not contributing toward a level up.

That being said, there are a number of people that prefer to see ALL the progress of a level including vocabulary. It would be great if there could one day be a native way to do this and I encourage you submit such feedback to WaniKani directly at hello@wanikani.com (this is the email they have for submitting feedback).

In the meantime, if it is something you wish to delve into, you may try searching these forums for a userscript that does what you want or something close to it. I believe there are a couple “Level Progress” related scripts out there.

Edited for clarification after Gorbit’s comment below:
As for completing all of the current level’s vocabulary before leveling up, you don’t have to worry about this. If you choose your lesson ordering as Ascending level then Subject, then upon leveling up your available lessons will all be the previous level vocabulary first, then the current level radicals, then the current level kanji, then the current level vocab; when you finish the 90% threshold of that level, you’ll both unlock all the remaining vocab for that level, and level up, turning it all into previous level vocab. So even though the level up happens, you are still technically doing all the vocab before the next set of radicals and kanji.


Theoretically you already finish all the vocabulary on the level before moving onto the next one unless you mess with your lesson ordering settings.

Just because it’s showing you that you are on level 2, it doesn’t mean that the lessons you get are also from level 2. Lessons are by default lower level first, within that the order is radical>kanji>vocab and then within that there is a set order decided by the devs.

So don’t worry, you are already doing that.

As for a vocab grid. The length of vocab items are all over the place, shortest being one character, longest being stuff like “お誕生日おめでとう”, so displaying it is already a challenge. And then on some levels there’s a good 150 of them. It would most likely take up your entire dashboard.

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Oh, this is very helpful! Thank you!!!

It doesn’t have the little dots, but it lets me arrange them by level and SRS, so they can move down the levels until they are all in guru. Very nice.

I had tried a bunch of scripts to very mixed success. This stat page was much better!!!

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Thank you for the feedback email! I will definitely submit it.

Even if the stats page is a good solution in the meantime, having that option native to the website would be great.

No, this is not true.

You don’t need to learn any vocab to progress to the next level. Or rather, you can start their lessons, but you don’t need to guru any of them. You only need 90% of the kanji on any level to move onto the next. :eyes:

If you don’t mind using a 3rd party script, try Dashboard Level Progress Detail 1.0+.

Here’s what it looks like for me:

It doesn’t add a vocabulary grid, but it does add a vocabulary progress bar. A progress bar will also appear for previous levels if you still have unlearned items. Hopefully WaniKani will eventually implement a vocabulary progress bar or something similar, but this script is a good substitute.

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I did try the progress bar, but didn’t like it. I like to see the individual radical/kanj/vocab.

It could be the bars of pink and purple did not feel encouraging, while filling in dots or moving them down apprentice levels (stats page) does. Even on this early part of the journey I feel I see the progress.

Later on, when I have a phone screen filled with kanji, the bars might become more meaningful!

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I understand. I probably did a whole group of lessons together with not all kanji guru-ed and misunderstood the trigger.

Thank you for the info!

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