Vocab updates - 天象 and 気象?

I know the good folks at Wanikani often make tweaks to the content for one reason or another, but I just wanted to make sure I’m remembering this right. I seem to recall that, recently, both 天象 and 気象 were vocab words in level 24. 天象’s primary meaning was weather, and 気象’s primary meaning was climate. Now it seems that 天象 is gone, and 気象 no longer has climate as a meaning at all. Not a huge deal, I know, but it was a little jarring to get the meaning wrong on 気象 when I was about 99% sure I had it right. :slight_smile: Anyone else notice this?

I actually remember 気候 as climate and 気象 as weather, both of them still there. Then there’s 天候 (the weather). I’m not sure I remember 天象, but now this is giving me a headache.

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Both answers in this thread: What is the difference between all the weather words: 気象{きしょう}, 天気{てんき} and 天候{てんこう}? - Japanese Language Stack Exchange will cover your question.

You know what, you’re right, I was thinking of 気候 and 天候. Thanks for pointing that out, that had me confused for a bit. Sorry to give you a headache! (⌒_⌒;)


I had the same doubt!

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