Vocab sound cutting off?

I just wanted to second this issue. Not only does audio get cut off during reviews, but it doesn’t play at all during lessons.

During reviews at least my problems were fixed with the latest Double Check update, I think the new noodle based vocab should unlock for me soon so I can test lesson audio then.

Definitely agree with others that it should work there too!

Sorry about the bugs, the fix to the reviews issue caused another issue in lessons. I pushed out a fix for lessons a few hours ago.


It’s working great for me now! Thank you!

My reading audio is consistently cutting off the begging of words. Sometimes the male voice plays wholly sometimes the female voice does almost never is it both. This happens on almost every review.

What browser are you using? If you’re on Chrome, can you try updating it to the newest version?

If not, can you email us at hello@wanikani.com with more info?
Browser version, OS, scripts or no scripts, reviews only or reviews and lessons, etc.