Vocab reading not mentioning つ becoming っ on jukugo

On level 10 vocab 実験 (じっけん / jikken / experiment) it isn’t specified in the reading explanation that the つ becomes a っ (small tsu).

It threw be off a bit as I did get the lesson wrong a couple time before noticing the small tsu.


Yeah they try to get you to notice these things by yourself at some point


I agree with @Saida that WK doesn’t necessarily endeavour to keep pointing out when a word takes a small つ or rendaku.

If you still want to discuss it with them, or if you find other bugs or errors in the future, WK team asks that you email them or use the contact form. This category isn’t monitored by them, and intended if people aren’t sure if something is an issue or not.

It’s mentioned in the “about” section of this subforum. :slight_smile:

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That’s why I posted, I figured maybe that’s a transition to not explaining small tsu everytime, but wasn’t sure it was intended


Ah, I see. ^^ Seeing as there wasn’t an actual question in your post, and you ended on “thanks,” I took it as you trying to report something to the WK team.


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