Vocab for Story, speech, talk


the vocab 話 could potentially use some clarification. IF 'm understanding it right its A speech, A talk, or A story. The romanji for it wants speech, talk, or story. Which at least for me will also equal “say, speak and (to) talk” if the point is to convey the person doing (giving) a speech, a talk, and telling a story, I’d think that having it as for A speech/talk/story could better convey the meaning. This does assume i’m actually interpreting the examples right.


Here’s the link to the vocab page, if anyone else is interested at looking at what’s there atm.


It’s listed as “noun” for part of speech… what other kind of “talk” or “speech” would it be? It’s the noun form.


話す 「はなす」 is “to talk”. That’s the verb you’re looking for.


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