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Not at all! I can definitely see it. ^ _ ^

What level is this one?

lvl 19, to act violently.

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体 - からだ - Body - Level 5

@koichi’s Mnemonic: You have your body . It’s nice - looking good! What would really mess up your body? It would be a car raider (からだ). I’m talking about a dude who is a raider of some kind driving a car. If he runs into your body, you’re done for, so watch out for the car raider!

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Vocab - Meaning & Reading
Author: Aikibujin

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ok, here i am again with some fuel-based mnemonic.
here is 増える means “to increase”. and read as ふえる
first kanji looks like a fuel-pump to me.
in my country, usually fuel prices increase regularly so…


That fuel pump actually looks remarkably like the kanji. It’s even got those two little horns on top.

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I like it too! And I also know the feeling of regularly increasing fuel prices :full_moon_with_face:
(I’ll embrace it for when I reach level 21)

I use Gai for 外 and also for 害. He’s so powerfull he can do many damages. He incurs damage if he goes to far too.
I also think of Sai for several kanji like 才 (he’s a kind of genius) or 妻 (not for the wife but because of the brush radical)
I remember 常に tsuneni because I think of Tsunade :smiley:


同時 - どうじ - Same Time - Level 7

When you’re making an exchange and the other person seems a bit どうじ (dodgy)…

Vocab - Meaning & Reading
Author: Aikibujin

I mostly just want to make people cringe, but I guess I’ll put in some actual effort :stuck_out_tongue:


This Crおこなう must do a very important task. What task must it carry out? You see, this is actually the Wani part of WaniKani. WaniKani is simply a Cr行う and a Krabby tied together, and this Cr行う has to find his Krabby or else the WaniKaniers will figure out the trickery.


I don’t follow pokemon, what is that one’s name?


You just destroyed one of my biggest leeches thank you so much :open_mouth::star_struck:

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It’s a big leech for a lot of people, that’s why I focused on it. I myself only know it because I failed it about a dozen times on Memrise :slightly_smiling_face:

In fact my mnemonic was “What’s the most annoying Japanese word for a beginner?” because it came to mind instantly :rofl:


Yeah I’m completely out of the poke loop…

Sorry for long response times btw.
While uni is in I have little time for the forums.

But I will still occasionally pop my head in, so please feel free to continue posting new ones, I’ll add them to the list eventually. ^ _ ^

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This could make rice paddy more memorable…


Wow, those are awesome! ^ _ ^

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Or with heels for the ひる mnemonic


The heels are a nice touch.