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I’ve put a new section at the end of the OP showing the latest ones, as I think many get overwhelmed by this thread and just go TLDR mode.

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I also did another Naruto one on the post above.

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出 - しゅつ - Exit - Level 2

Koichi’s Mnemonic: There are two mountains in front of you… and probably a bunch more around you too. You are in a pass, and don’t know how to get out. You are frantically looking for the exit before you freeze to death. The most important thing is to find the exit from this mountain range - your life depends on it. In your imagination, really feel like your life depends on getting out. The important part is the feeling of “needing to get out of the mountain pass.” If you have this feeling, you’ll be more likely to remember that this kanji means exit, because that’s what you want to do when you see this kanji.

As you’re trying to exit this mountain range, you suddenly realize that someone is actually hunting you. What? Make sure to feel that sudden realization. It’s crazy. Then, you find the exit and run towards it. Sadly, the hunter is waiting there, and he shoots you (しゅつ) through the leg, knocking you down.
Focus on the surprise of realizing you’re being hunted while trying to find the exit to the mountain range, then focus on the next part, where you get shot. View it in your head as the hunter shooting you. Powww!

Kanji - Meaning & Reading
Author: Aikibujin


@Aikibujin thaaaaank you so much for this :heart_eyes:
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I still have one more left for you too.

The last one will have the last two together. ^ _ ^

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Here you go AC!

次回 - じかい - Next Time - Level 6

Kanji - Meaning
Author: @AnimeCanuck


It means NEXT TIME. XD

But thanks for re-posting it.

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Yep, yes it was.

I copied the one above that for the formatting, I even remembered to change the link, just not the actual word itself in English. :stuck_out_tongue:

Initially I put up a list of the latest visualizations on the OP, but I decided to actually show the newest ones.
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So right now my latest Naruto one is there as well as the tapioca one from @Borutosdad

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Do whatever’s easiest I reckon :nerd_face:

It’s more about coverage.

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So obviously people aren’t visiting this thread as much as others and I reckon it’s because there’s too much to look through. So I figure if I put the newest ones on the first post, it’ll be easier for people to see them.

That’s just speculation though…

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Updated the visualization:

Added one last GIF on the end to show the shot to the leg, per the mnemonic.
I actually made that one way back when I did the other thread, but must have forgotten to post it.

Any Wolf’s Rain fans out there?


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Much love for your Wolf’s Rain mnemonic! I used to love that series back when I was a teenager… I’ve forgotten most of the plot by now. But the musical score has stuck with me. Stray! Straaahaahaaay!

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No worries. I know how hectic life gets. ^ _ ^
Which is why it’s taken me nearly three months to get them all finished :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a good reason to rewatch it! ^ _ ^

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Finally the conclusion to the Naruto Raise/Lower series!

下がる - さがる - To Get Lower - Level 1

@koichi’s Meaning Explanation: This is an intransitive verb. That means it does not take a direct object. The kanji means below so this means something gets lower, by falling or dropping. For example: Prices get lower or fall. Squirrels come down from trees. See? No direct object here. That’s why this verb means to get lower or to fall.

Dedicated to: @marinauyeda ^ _ ^
Read as: In the Saga of Naruto.

The next one follows directly on from this one:

下げる - さげる - To Lower - Level 1

@koichi’s Meaning Explanation: The kanji itself means below so the verb version of that is when you put something below you. It’s to lower something. This is a transitive verb. That means it takes a direct object. You lower something. Like your blood pressure!

Dedicated to: @marinauyeda ^ _ ^
Read as: However, once he achieved Sage mode



Vocab - Meaning & Reading
Author: Aikibujin


Sage mode was an awesooooome mnemonic - can’t believe it :scream:
Thanks :kissing_heart:

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Recently I learned 暴れる and my mnemonic for this is: 暴 looks like an engine and of course it has an exhaust at the bottom part. It is an ABArth brand exhaust.

is it a long shot?