:crabigator: Visual WK Mnemonics

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What you can’t see happening underneath:

疾風しっぷう was an easy one to learn, lol

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I’m not a huuuuuge fan of Naruto, but I have to say that when the mnemonics for 外 first came up, I had some trouble with Guy Fawkes. Then がいせんせい popped in my head as well and I though, “well, why not?” :laughing:

By the way, @Aikibujin your thread is awesome and it really helps! Please keep it up! :star_struck:

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Ah cool!

What level is that one?

Thanks ^ _ ^

It helps when people interact in here.
It gets lonely sometimes…


Of course, haha
If I come up with some good gif/meme/image for any mnemonics, I’ll post as well :grinning:

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Looks like it’s level 54

This is one from the old thread, but I’ve given it a slight update.

元 - もと - Origin - Level 3

( Koichi’s Mnemonic: You’re trying to trace a person back to their origin so you can learn more about them. You finally get there - it’s a castle. The problem is that it’s surrounded by a huge moat (もと) and you can’t get past it because the drawbridge is up. Feel the frustration of this. Think about your goal and how close you are to getting to it if it wasn’t for this lousy moat.)

click to expand

Vocab - Meaning & Reading
Author: Aikibujin

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That’s a pretty picture, but…

This is まつもと castle. :slightly_smiling_face:


@_@ Yeah…
I won’t be hitting that one anytime soon.
I’ll look forward to in it the future though. :grin:

More to look forward to. ^ _ ^


I would love to see that in person. :star_struck:

However, for it to work better with the mnemonic, I’ll need you to go there first and slightly alter that bridge so that it has a drawbridge, make sure it’s raised, take a pic of it, come back and upload. ^ _ ^

I got this idea from answering a post from @Oshin in another thread.

This is a visualization for a Radical. I haven’t done these before, but it makes sense as some of them are a bit of a mind bender to see.

So here’s the first one:

Radical - 飛 - Fly - Level 20

( Koichi’s Mnemonic: This radical is pretty complicated, but not much looks like this radical, so you’re in luck. This looks like a giant flying fortress of some kind. See the propellers on the back as it moves to the left? Just imagine something like this flying through the air. That’s why this radical is fly, because it is flying.)


Radical - Meaning
Author: Aikibujin
Inspired by: @Oshin

That thing looks so freaking perfect for that Radical that I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what @koichi was thinking of for it.


So does this one from marinauyeda

Original Post


@Aikibujin I’m still far from seeing this kanji, but when I read the mnemonics, being a fan of One Piece, I though immediately of Enel’s Maxim :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, it comes as a second example, haha


Wow, that looks really good too.

I haven’t got around to One Piece yet as I’m more of a Ninja guy than a Pirate guy. :wink:

Another new one.

I thought it was high time I did one using my avatar’s namesake:

研 - けん - Sharpen - Level 8


Note: けん is another word for sword, as in Kenjutsu or Kendo.

Kanji - Meaning & Reading
Author: Aikibujin


Well, pirates, ninjas, samurais, or even robots for that matter - I like them all usually, haha :laughing:
If I find anything ninja-related I’ll post as well!

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Though on the inside I would agree (psst don’t tell anyone), on the outside I have to show support for my team. :sunglasses:

Authenticated by Wikipedia:

and “famously” debated by:

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Your secret is safe with me - you can still keep Kenshin on your avatar proudly, hahaha
I’m probably into pirates right now because I’ve already finished the Naruto series, but somehow there are ninjas in One Piece, so you wouldn’t be too disappointed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Guess who showed up to save us from the tsunami of cobras and blackjack that Koichi created to crush us at the harbor?


It’s a great movie.

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