:crabigator: Visual WK Mnemonics

I’ll eventually get around to it. It’s going to take forever to get through Naruto again. @_@

That definitely sounds like a Koichi mnemonic, but I’m not sure which Kanji it’s for?

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It’s kun’yomi for 港


Ah awesome, that’s perfect! ^ _ ^

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Minato is how I remember that one too, lol

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Yep, for me too, Gai sensei is exactly how I remember “outside”.

I just think: GAI-sensei is outside!!! KYAAAAAAAA!!! (fan-girly squeal )

(… he’s one of my favourite Naruto characters. I :heart: him!)

And, ALSO, “Ken-shin” is how I remember “sharpen” too!!

Our minds think alike in this! :heart_eyes:


@Aikibujin I got one more mnemonic for you - sorry, still pirate related, but given how hard it was to actually have that image in mind, One Piece was maybe the only place to find this one :sweat_smile:

売 - う - Sell - Level 5
(Koichi’s Mnemonic: There’s a samurai with (just) his forehead and legs. Everything in between is missing. What happened to everything in between? He was low on money, so he had to sell it all, leaving him only the top and the bottom.)

It was the only thing I could think about, haha :slightly_smiling_face:


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Are there any other ones you use Naruto or Kenshin characters for that you can think of?

I’ve currently got another Naruto one I’m working on, but it may not be very intuitive to those not already a little familiar with Japanese religious culture or legends.

OMG that’s so cool. LOL

I actually had a samurai pic sitting in a folder that I was going to chop the middle out of for the previous incarnation of this thread, but I never got around to it.

This one’s even better. ^ _ ^
(Even if he is a dirty pirate and not a samurai :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Here’s a new one. I’ve been having problems with this one, as Koichi’s yogurt mnemonic just wasn’t doing it for me. So this was less of ‘a good idea I came up with for a visualization’ and more of a ‘I need to come up with something for this so I stop getting it wrong.’

強い - つよい - Strong - Level 7

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Should be read as, “I could totally do that too yo!”
And She-Hulk’s part is just read as, “Strong!”
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Vocab - Meaning & Reading
Author: Aikibujin

I’ve added this explanation of the reading to the OP as it’s how most of mine are formatted.


Just to really hammer it in Strong!

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This one is read as, “Well I can lift two yo!”


Can I request Better Crisis Mnemonics and Visualization, please? Thank you!

Maybe Kiki’s Delivery Service can have a crisis!

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Couple questions.

What are you having problems with specifically? Reading, Meaning, or both?

What are you into geek wise?

Meaning only. I don’t see the connection between dangerous and machine could become crisis yet. I don’t have troubles remembering Kiki because it’s a common name in where I live.

Actually I replied the email but strangely that didn’t work. It usually worked on this forum replying a post by email. Anyway.

So what about the second question?

What are you into geek wise?

Meaning do you like sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, video games, horror, anime.
And if so what specific series such as Star Wars/Star Trek, Lord of the Rings/Shannara Chronicles, Deadpool/Batman, Assassin’s Creed/Overwatch, Vampires/Zombies, Naruto/Attack on Titan, etc.

Anything I make will be much more memorable if I use something that you already like and are familiar with.
For instance when I think of the word Crisis I think of the DC comics crossover events that use the word Crisis in their titles like Crisis on Infinite Earths, Final Crisis, Identity Crisis, or Zero Hour: Crisis in Time.

Each of those stories lines has something machine like or robot like that was a big part of the story.
But if you aren’t really familiar with those stories, it wouldn’t help you much.

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I’m sorry I didn’t reply that because I didn’t follow what “geek wise” is. I love Lord of the Rings both movies and Tolkien’s novel series, and I also watched and read Harry Potter. I had watched Naruto and One Piece long ago, though right now not anymore. I love Shin Chan. I liked watching Doraemon when I was young. I watched Star Wars and Star Trek but I’m not crazy about them. I also love watching Detective Conan and one day I wish I can read all Conan Manga in Japanese.

Oh and talking about Identity Crisis, that made me remember an American comedy film where a big woman is another person identity thief. She steals that person identity and uses his credit card. I don’t remember what this film title, but it opens when a car hit her, and she flew back, but she’s okay after being hit by a car. And the middle, when she and her victims families had dinner together at her victim’s house, she liked a child. And the end was she was in jail but the victim offered her job when she got out.

I’ve never read any of DC Comics you mentioned. I’ve never read/watched Attack on Titan, Overwatch, Assassin’s Creed. I watched Deadpool and Batman, but I’ve never read Batman comics. I watched Chronicles of Narnia and read the novel too, but I like Tolkien’s more.

Yeah those were just examples.

I’m guessing that English isn’t your native language?

I do have an idea for it.
Have you seen this Superman movie?

That’s right. English is my 5th language.

Cool! I’m looking forward to it.

Yes, I have.

Wow, what was your first?



I’m Indonesian. I have three native languages by default, because my country has so many tribal/regional languages that it’s common to ignore other people speaking where I live if they don’t use our national (standard) language. My first language are mix of three. Indonesian and two tribal languages I undisclose in the internet. Another language I acquire is Javanese; That happened when I was in Java island (near Bali, but I can’t speak Balinese although some of my families live there). But by sharing this doesn’t imply that I’m good in language. In fact I’m bad in any language I use because I seldom talk. Anyway.

You know, this thread in the archive by same OP is one/some of my favourite threads in this forum. That archive helped me a lot memorising many things I had difficulties when I was less than WK level 10 as far as I remember.


Plot twist: he actually is a samurai, haha
See, there’s even samurais amongst pirates :laughing:

Wow, @Oshin I had no idea languages worked that way in Indonesia.

Your English is pretty good :slightly_smiling_face:
And you’re learning Japanese. Not many people can say they know 6 different languages! You should be proud!