Very Daunted!

Hi, been using WaniKani for a while to grind out some kanji with the obvious intention of learning the language. I am doing quite well with it, I’m usually able to knock out a level every 8 days or so & my accuracy rate is 95+%. I’m enjoying learning the words (even if some of them annoy me…).

However, it’s the rest that I’m very daunted by, like learning all the unique grammar points, little nuances in lots of specific things, etc. Like I said, I’m enjoying learning kanji, but when I think about all that stuff, as well as being too conscious of my speaking, writing, and all that… It really daunts me in a huge way and weighs down on me so much that I often feel like throwing in the towel. That would be the easy way out, obviously. I’m probably not doing enough reading, but I feel like even if I did any, I wouldn’t properly be able to understand anything without having the English translation there to feed back from and piece together the meaning of the original text.

Also, hi everyone. Good to see ya.

Ah yes, you finally had the realization that kanji is actually the easy part. But fear not!
You already have a jumpstart on kanji and vocab, which will make textbooks a lot less difficult than they are for others. Grammar is like kanji, do a little every day and it builds up.

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At the very beginning, you won’t be reading a lot more than NHK Easy News, and even then with aid, but it’s super helpful. And don’t worry about reading with English translations, that’s how you’ll learn how to actually stay stuff instead of just memorizing vocab.


Stay strong and endure!

I just began using a neat phone app called lingodeer to help get a better understanding of grammar. So far it seems to be a great resource.

There are lots of other super helpful grammar resources online that you can find links to in the forum.


I understand the feeling. Especially when during the learning process, the brain is constantly organizing things you know subconsciously vs. what you know consciously which gives the illusion that your progress goes up and down. But like @rodrigowaick says, you should focus on doing what you can now and eventually what you know will build up over time.

During the days I feel really bummed out, I have to reflect to where I was before. I’m not sure how long you’ve studied, but depending on how far you look back, you’re sure to find areas where you’re able to see the fruits of your labor.

Stay strong!


Thanks guys, even just seeing your messages of encouragement persuaded me not to hover over the ‘cancel subscription’ button. I’m just easily influenced like that, I guess. :smiley:

I’ve definitely come a ways since I first started studying kanji. I’ve been noticing words I’ve learned from WaniKani popping up in Japanese tweets I’ve seen, videos, and bits of text I’ve seen online, which I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do before. I’ve also been hearing words I recognise while watching anime (although I need the subtitles to understand the words in context, lol, no shame in it for now I suppose) and interviews of Japanese artists I like.

I will keep soldiering on! Thank you!


Hey! You’re already level 15! Consider how much you already know. That’s awesome.

Just keep going- turn up, do some studying every day- even just a tiny bit. If you end the day knowing one thing more that is enough. Celebrate every time you hear or read a word and understand. That is not nothing!

I am bloody thrilled very time I hear a sentence and can comprehened a phrase or word within it- I look forward tot the time I will be able to do this with longer and fuller sentences. Just started Yakuza 0 on PC (newly out yesterday- woooooo) and I can hear so so so much more than when I first played it a year ago knowing not even 何.



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