How do "all WaniKani, nothing else" type learn grammar?

So, I think I know a decent number of vocab, and I am returning to grammar. It is easier to stick to practical aspects of Japanese, but not to grammar tests themselves. I mean, I might be able to do better in speaking and listening, while still doing bad in exam…

I think so, until… I see the wall approaching nearer and nearer. I am going through みんなの日本語4, and have bought Tobira in advance, but I am not sure it will go well.

So, what is the best way to learn grammar? I am trying Human Japanese, and bought it. I like to “level up” aspect of Human Japanese. Preventing from being too fast is good. Cannot skip levels is good.

However, I don’t always like reading the text. I prefer drilling more. I like mindlessly copying and typing in huge amount. I like mindlessly listening in huge amount… as long as I don’t have to think too much about it.

Oh, I am also an intermediate-to-advance Anki user, by the way.

I’m planning to do bulk volume WaniKani stuff (going a bit off the grid, using WaniKani data but my own method) to try it out. I wanna see if knowing enough kanji and vocab means you can learn grammar through reading. It’ll be interesting to see…

At least I can say that knowing enough vocab from WaniKani alone obviously isn’t enough.

Knowing enough vocab from Core 10k is what I am doing, while going through Japanese Graded Reader… I am getting stuck at comfort zone level 2. I can read level 3, but it is not comfortable.

Knowing enough vocab from JLPT vocab list… I am at the end of N3 vocab, getting stuck with some words. I would be probably be stepping into N2 vocab soon, but I feel imbalanced if I don’t have an appropriate material I can regularly read. I feel that this is the reason why I couldn’t remember some N3 vocab.

So, I seek resort from listening practice and grammar books. I like listening to questions and try to answer questions.

Grammar books are hardest to approach.

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