Using the MeNoSou (目のそう) concept, how can we change the verb Kimasu (来ます)

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If we want to say, “Looks like he’s coming over here/ this way”, how can we use the Souそう form to modify the verb Kimasu?

It looks like he’s going can be said as 行きそう。。So I wanted to know how can we modify Kimasu…

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It’s きそう.

Basically for any verb, this そう attaches to the stem form (the same form that ます attaches to). So if you know the ます form, just remove ます and replace it with そう.


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I thought that most of the time, the Kimasu 来ます gets converted to Ko, like (korareru, kosaseru, konai, etc) , so in this case too, it would change to KoSou. :no_good_man:t2:

So, whether it is 来ます or 着ます, both of them will be converted as Kisou, right?

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Don’t forget that the dictionary form is くる, not きます. But yes, くる and する are irregular.



Thank you so much for helping me out. :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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