Uses of ということは

I would like to know all the uses of ということは if possible.

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As far as I know this isn’t a specific grammar point, but basically a combination of:

と => this is being used to quote whatever phrase is preceding ということは
いう => this comes from 言う, to “say”
こと => this turn “言う” into a noun, “The act of saying…”
は => this is marking the topic of the sentence.

So, if you have a structure A ということは B , basically it means “The act of saying 「A」is B”, or in more natural English, “A, that is to say, B”.


Although Bunpro does have it as an N2 grammar point. For anyone who uses that tool and wants to look this up and the readings they link.

Wow, I even took that lesson in BunPro and completely forgot I had seen it there ._.

BunPro Link - Maggie Sensei Link

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Be careful not to confuse:

ということは - “In other words”; “that is to say”; also sets up definitions


ということで - “So”; “therefore,” where it follows a reason for something
というのは - Proceeds a reason/explanation at the beginning of a sentence; also sets up definitions after nouns
というもの(は/だ) - Emphasizer

It’s that simple!



Beautiful women die young - or so the saying goes. If so then my wife is going to live a long life.

That’s one heck of a example sentence.


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