[Userscript] WK Dashboard Cockpit

Ooh, a puzzle. 13 items is a weird amount. It’s not 1 or 2 items that present an issue, but it’s also not a category like kana vocab. I did some digging.

From Nov 22 - Dec 13 last year WK moved 7 items from below your current level to above your current level.

And from Feb 7 to Mar 27 it moved an additional 5 items to above level 41, or, if you relogged and your forum level is your current level, 6 above 40.

7 + 6 = 13. And this actually makes sense. Last year WK changed how they handle previously unlocked items above your current level. These used to ‘go into hiding’, but can now be reviewed and completed, as they were unlocked already.
The cockpit on the other hand, wasn’t changed for this update - the wheel only shows items up to your current level.

So that’s where the cockpit need to be updated. That looks like a fairly simple fix. I did want to look into the suggested update that was posted above your bug report as well, but hadn’t gotten to it, so I’ll try to get a fix out this week.