[Userscript] WaniKani Streamlined


WaniKani Streamlined is a userscript designed to simplify and streamline common actions. Here it is in a nutshell.

  • Correct answers automatically continue to the next item when ‘enter’ is pressed.
  • Correct answers automatically show item info when ‘shift + enter’ is pressed.
  • Incorrect answers automatically show item info.
  • Item info can be expanded to show all info when ‘shift + enter’ is pressed.
  • Exceptional answers (slightly off, multiple meanings, etc…) can be configured to continue to the next item or show item info on a per exception basis.

And yes, the item info button is gone now :upside_down_face:




There are definitely already some userscripts in this category, but they were all either too streamlined, too complicated, or just abandoned.

Anyways, let me know what you think!



  • Initial release.


  • Changed script to run on document end. (Fixed odd behavior in Firefox)

F + Space? :upside_down_face:

This doesn’t happen already? :sweat_smile:
Oh, you mean when enter is pressed and it’s a correct answer it moves to the next one automatically, not that after it’s correct, you press Enter, got it.

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I’ve finally just tested this userscript. Same like @Kazzeon above. When I hit enter and my answer is right, I’m not going directly to the next item to review. Instead, I still have green.

I use Firefox on Mac Catalina.

I disabled this userscript, until it’s fixed.

Sounds like Double Check :thinking:

The thing I would like the most (there might already be a script that does this, maybe) is one that automatically plays the audio as well as show the text reading on incorrect answers.

Audio Tweak 2 has this feature

Thanks for the tip!

Oh, and Fast Abridged Multiple/Wrong Answer for quickly showing the reading and meaning as text

Oh hey! Thanks for all the early feedback!

I think you just blew my mind. :open_mouth:

That being said, I still think I like ‘shift + enter’ more, as my fingers are already going to be on the enter (and probably also shift) key.

I’ll take a looksie (just gotta d/l FF).



The goal of this plugin is more making vanilla WK easier to navigate. But as @Kumirei pointed out, you should be able to utilize other plugins to that effect.

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Hey Oshin, I finally got around to testing on Firefox. I pushed a change that should fix the issue!


Right. I just tested on Firefox again. And it worked. And it didn’t work.

I mean. When I was asked Meaning, I hit Shift+Enter, and it worked, the page just moved to the Reading. (I use Siblings, or 1x1 Mode in reorder).

It didn’t work when I was asked for its Reading, I hit Shift+Enter, and the page didn’t move directly to the next page. Instead, it acted the same as if I used just Enter.

Disabled it again, until it’s fixed.

So it sounds like everything is working as intended then? When you hit Enter, WK should progress to the next item unless you’ve gotten something wrong (in which case the item info will open). When you hit Shift+Enter the item info will open no matter what (even if the item has been answered correctly).

Or maybe I’ve just misinterpreted your description :sweat_smile:

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