[Userscript] WaniKani Pitch Info

Originally, I just wanted to modify this script so that it works with the changes to the lessons, but in the end it turned into a complete rewrite of this script. I don’t know what I should do with it now? Is it considered rude to make a pull request that basically replaces the entire code? Should I instead publish it as a new script? But that seems bad because the current script users won’t get the update automatically.

For now, my version can be installed from here.

This version only uses the github file suggested by @seanblue. A few hundred WK vocabulary items are missing from this file (see previous post). For する verbs, my script currently looks up the word without the する and use that pitch accent. I’m a bit worried that this might not always be correct.

Screenshots of the new script version

I have added some “settings” to the script (a few variables at the top of the script code, no fancy UI). The radius of the dots and the line thickness can be changed. Digraphs are now not squashed by default, as can be seen in the screenshot for きゅう (but this can also be changed with a setting):


The description below the reading now shows which pitch accent belongs to which word type: