[Userscript] Wanikani Leaderboard

I know, I just thought it would be fun to have a special yay! thing or something
Like a golden bar instead of a yellow-y one.
Or changing 現実 into 完全 or something idk.

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Something like that already exists and is described hidden in the log:

And it would look something like this:

In order to get the trophy I set it so you need to burn 8808 items, which is the total amount of items i’m getting from wkstats, MissMisc has 8789.

MissMisc does say something about being pre-wk content overhaul and their subscription running out, which is maybe why they are 19 items short. Those 19 items maybe only recent additions and therefore haven’t had the time to be burned by anybody yet.


It’s possible that the number from wkstats is wrong, especially if it’s the old wkstats and not the new one at https://wkstats.com:10001 because @rfindley made the old wkstats with static items (instead of dynamic from APIv2).

Another possibility is that @MissMisc burned an item that was later removed from WK. This will also skew the numbers a bit.

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No, MissMisc just didn’t bother with the new lessons from the content overhaul. I remember seeing a screenshot where she had lessons available.

Edit: but not for long, since her dashboard now says she has 19 apprentice items. Gotta burn everything!


:rofl: I want to join your @MissMisc stalkers club!


There you go.




I’m having difficulty installing this. Its saying “…user scripts cannot be be added from this website”

Do you have a script handler (such as tampermonkey) or are you installing directly into the browser?

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I guess I was just trying to install it directly. I dont think I use any script handlers. I wonder if its compatible with the Brave browser.

I think Chrome extensions are supposed to be compatible with Brave, but I don’t know if the scripts themselves would work

Heya, small question

I want to congratulate people in two separate race to the cake threads, but it’s getting a bit confuzzling to find out who belongs to which thread. Is it possible to add a way to give individuals certain markers, so I know who is who?

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To make the leaderboard visible in the new style

switch out line 1184



        if ($('section.progression').length) {
        else {

this update will work for both the current and new style dashboard.


Thank you so much! I was dying to find a fix for this. Hopefully, the developer of the script will push an update so that other users struggling to make it work can get their Leaderboards back.

Thank you so much! <3 :white_flower:

I’m waiting for the “natural fix” just cause I don’t use it that much and I’m scared of messing something up, but I do want it back :sweat_smile:

Me too! Hoping it can be fixed soon =^_^=

That worked like a charm! :+1:Thank you.

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If I try to import a leaderboard, the error message is: “File type ‘text/csv’ is incorrect. Use a .cvs file.”
Even if I export my leaderboard and try to import it, it doesn’t work.
Firefox on Linux (Ubuntu). Any ideas what the problem is?

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I have the same problem with Safari on Mac. Even if I rename the file from CSV to CVS it doesn’t change anything. :sob: